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Our evaluation criteria

Each casino test on our site is based on the collected Experience of our experts who have experienced GLübe players and therefore one seriöhave developed evaluation process. The rating of Casino pages in üExtended experience reports helps US players, the right online Casino to Wägo. How do we rate? On this page we want to give you ours Imagine evaluation process and all the criteria we do in the evaluation Apply, explain.

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How do we rate the best online casinos?

Our oneäEvaluation Process includes a GRündüall important points $om online casinos. In each casino test, we therefore lay the following Termination criteria Type:

  • safety

    US players should only be around in a secure environment real money to play. We pay attention to data locküSing and safety standards, Casino license, Privacy and transparent GeschäTerms ofFts to help you on the seriositeät our casino Recommendations Trust Könip.

  • Choice of play

    A large selection of casino games does not just mean entertainment in the online Casino, but also better chances of winning, if you have your preferred slot machines and Casino games to play real money Könip. In our tests read everything to the game offer $om US casino sites including table and card games, machine games And live casino.

  • bonus

    It comes when Casino bonus not just on the höhe $ee credit - but above all on the conditions. Our rating helps you, to find a fair welcome bonus, deposit bonus or loyalty bonus that Game behavior fits and pay off.

  • Payment methods

    Online Casino Banking requires fast, comfortable and secure means of payment, so you reliablyässig in and out könip. Therefore, our evaluation process closes Expertise on payment methods including speed, gebüHren and limits. In each test you read which payment methods authorüGBar.

  • Mobile Casino

    Nine out of ten US people have a mobileät and therefore prefer that Mobile Casino with Games FüR mobile and tablet. The supportüEnvironment of iPhone, iPad, Android and other GERäTEN with Casino App or Instant Play Mobile Casino page flows Therefore in our reviews with one.

  • Customer service

    A reliabilityäSsig and easily accessible customer service creates trust and gives you a contact person füR all concerns. We inform players as it is about the ContactöRelationships and how fast an online GLüCash game provider responds to inquiries.

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What are the values füR us at Spandexnation1.comest?

Longäexperience and careäEvaluation criteria are only two of three important ingredients that incorporate in our valuation process in casino tests. Our values completeäthe whole and our experts work for these Maximen when creating experience reports:

  • Player

    On letter player FüR player. We know what matters and what US player üwant to know about an online casino. Our recommendations take you the work of the provider comparison and we put ourselves in the location of Casino Newlingen as well as casino players with experience.

  • Reliabilityäsizing

    On our rating and the casino tests of the experts is leaving. US player find all NöInformation directly on our side to a safe, seriöSES and trustüRdige Online Casino füR the game for real Money to wägo.

  • Informed

    We research STändängig and stay füR you always on the ball, what developments on the US online casino market and the news of GLügambling Industry relates. We contact Casino pages directly and kläREN Für Casino tests all important details.

  • Violentänorth

    Our testimonials prepare all information in response. we deliver them üClear test reports that in word and picture violateäare and all Details simple and clear illustration. We didäThings to you in normal language and thus mediate even complex facts inherent and vividly.

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Why can you Spandexnation1.comast?

US player Köconfidence that at players with expert knowledge füR other players write. Our editors play themselves and know what matters. We convey longäexperience and practical knowledge on easily violentäfashion.

How did the evaluation criteria have arisen?

On the basis of longäWe have developed our evaluation criteria, To perform an objective supplier comparison of online casinosüHanger to Könip. We have long research and compared to developing which points at the ÜBerprüof Casino pages are particularly important and helpful.

What is the choice of an online casinos?

In our valuation process we pay particular attention to safety, game selection, bonus, Payment methods, mobile casino and customer service. At the top of this page Erkläwe'll give you Our evaluation criteria in detail.

KöUS player in online casino safely play for real money?

Yes, safe and seriöSE Casino pagesöSpecial US players oneäTZE of real money. We prüruleässig casino pages and recommend the best providers.

There is $aud in the online casino?

Not when players the right online casino wägo. FüR the safe game are one US Casino License and High Safety Standards Absolute Prerequisite. we führen a top list of recommended casino pages and lists of oursöand not trustwüRdige Casino pages on a separate blacklist.

After which you should select an online casinoägo?

Make sure that the points of security, privacy and casino license is right. Then köYou decide to choose the game selection and casino bonus.

Where you find seriöSE and trustüRdige Casino pages?

We füHanger regularäSSIG a supplier comparison by seriöSE and trustüsteady Casino pages FüR US player to determine. In our casino tests read all Details on online casinos.