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The best sports betting providers für US 2021

Sports betting

Sports betting is a popular form of Glügame. Meanwhile, US also the opportunity to Internet bookmaker für to use online sports betting. However, it is included especially important to have a seriösen bookmaker to wählen. That's why you will find them with us best online sports betting provider für US. We'll introduce you to the most popular Sports, give you sports betting tips and explainären mobile betting via the sports betting app.

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The top US betting sites

Sports betting is an exciting opportunity to make real money with your knowledge. Wächoose here $om tested and certified online sports betting portals für players in US.

4.7 / 5
The best games availableügbar at Casino777
Bonus type: Match bonus
Bonus amount: 777 $
Match share: 100%
Sales conditions: 30x
Period: 30 days

Your first deposit at Casino777 will be doubled. You can receive a maximum of $ 777 as a bonus. Only when the wagering requirements are met will the bonus credit be converted into real money credit and can be paid out. For wagering the bonus, stakes are 100% in slots and 10% in classic games.

$ 777
1-2 days
Payout duration
4.5 / 5
The best games availableügbar with 7 melons
Bonus type: Loyalty points
Bonus amount: 300

The Grand Casino Bern website offers an excellent selection of popular slots as well as blackjack and video poker. There is also a multi-level loyalty program in which you can collect points and unlock more and more benefits.

$ 300
3-5 days
Payout duration
4.2 / 5
The best games availableügbar at jackpots
Bonus type: Match bonus
Bonus amount: 1000 $
Match share: 100%
Sales conditions: 30x
Period: 6 months

At you will receive a 100% match bonus of up to $ 1,000 on your first deposit. Even with the second (50% to max. 500 $), third (50% up to a maximum of 10 $) and fourth (100% up to a maximum of 700 $) deposit you will receive an additional bonus. You have to wager the bonus credit 30 times on slots and 90 times on table spoons before it can be paid out.

$ 1,111
1-3 days
Payout duration
3.4 / 5
The best games availableügbar at Starvegas
Bonus type: Match bonus
Bonus amount: 300 $
Match share: 100%
Sales conditions: 30x
Period: 30 days

At StarVegas you will receive a bonus of after your account verification 30 $ without deposit. If you then make a deposit of at least $ 10, your deposit amount will be doubled up to a maximum of $ 300. You can only withdraw your winnings after fulfilling the wagering requirements.

$ 300
3 to 4 days
Payout duration

The most popular sports betting online

You köYou can bet on numerous sports on the Internet at US betting portals, and do so the most diverse types of bets, MäUse markets and options. The following sporting events zächoose among the popularärst on the betting market and provide you with numerous sporting events Real money chances of winning:

  • Soccer

    Football is the most popular sport among the US and is also available to them placed sports betting in the first place. With sports betting tips on the US Super League, the German Bundesliga or the Champions League köTell you about great betting odds benefit.

  • Boxing

    This sport has a capital Käto fight tough, but not only that Championships and title kämpfe offer attractive competitions hereöopportunities. Learn Sports betting tips on win or K.O. know and bet on all weight classes.

  • tennis

    The ball sport tennis offers exciting tournaments, top matches and almost all year round hot competitionäfights at Mämen and women. Especially the live bets köcan play tennis especially rewarding and reducöwere like short-term gains. All types of bets are interesting, when tennis is about game, set and victory.

  • Handball

    There are also many sporting encounters in handball. Since a game quickly expiresäuft and many goals are scored, the online sports betting focus on, for example Line and goal bets. However, US bookmakers have a wide range of handball betting options.

  • basketball

    Internationally, there are many top basketball leagues that you cannot bet onöcan. the widespread use of this sport für many matches and tournaments all year round über. Anyone who compares the basketball betting odds exactly can make a few tips with sports betting tipsämake pp.

  • volleyball

    Volleyball is played in the hall or as beach volleyball on the smaller clay court carried out. Sports betting is based on exciting matches at Mämen and women möresembled and the sport is common around the world. Bet on single S hereätze, on Points or on entire games and tournament victories.

  • American football

    The American professional league NFL, the National Football League, determines the American football betting market. Games and tournaments take place in this sport, however also take place outside of the USA and the tactical game offers a lot of optionsätze für Sports betting tips.

  • rugby

    Rugby is a variant of football and in some oceanic Lächange national sport. New Zealand, Australia, SüA$ica or Argentina as well as England and $ance in Europe cares für spectacularäre matches. US bookmakers have wäduring the World Cup numerous rugby betting options availableügbar.

  • golf

    JäSeveral large golf tournaments take place every year. In the individual sport there is Differentiation between MäMen and women and live betting are also popular in golföresembled. Try your Glück with long-term bets or wäChoose $om other types of bets.

  • To go biking

    The Tour de $ance determines professional cycling, but köyou can US betting sites still bet on many more races, after all, cycling is widespread in this country. Win with sports betting for the Tour de Suisse and many other US cycle races.

Online sports betting tips and tricks

In contrast to many EqüSports betting also requires some tactics and skill. AddäIn fact, you should natüLocal knowledge of the respective sport and the rules understand the game. Our experts will give you so that your online sports betting works some tips and tricks:

  • Bet types: Study the bettingöopportunities with US bookmakers and learn about them know different types of bets. Not every option fits all sporting events and the right choice can make all the difference. AdultäYou can also use combination bets or System bets to generate profits.
  • Betting odds: Learn to read and interpret bookmakers' odds. The betting odds drücalculates a probability that you have with your own assumptionäkilling the Should compare sporting event. Put your sports betting tips where you want them the grösstmöSee the equal value and take advantage of the differences in odds between individual betting sites.
  • Budget: Set a fixed budget für your online sports betting that Not your financial $amework ütops. Based on this, you should decide which Bet per bet wählen. Distribute your credit wisely üAbout different bets and sports to generate long-term profits.
  • Live betting: A tip on a sporting event that is already underway is particularly exciting. Here is gröGreatest concentration is required and it is absolute essentialäIt is important that you follow the event yourself in order to be well informed. then are attractive short-term chances of winning möresembled.
  • Sports betting bonus: US bookmakers don't just give you a welcome bonus with $ee credit, but have many other promotions on offer. Take advantage of $ee bets, Cashback offers and promotions to top up your account balance.

How do we find the best sports betting providers in US?

A provider comparison of internet bookmakers is important, as it deals with betting odds and sports there can be many differences. the Üchecküevaluation and evaluation of important criteria is a complex process that we have already taken care of for you. Our experts test für you the following aspects of betting sites:

  • License

    In order for a bookmaker to be able to offer sports betting online, a proper license is required necessary. we üchecküwhether a corresponding license is available and thus the Seriousnessät and trust valueüaridity of a betting site are given.

  • bonus

    Online sports betting provider köcan differ greatly, especially when it comes to the bonus offer. It is important to compare the $ee credit, but also the conditions. We help you, to find a sports betting bonus that is definitely worth it.

  • safety

    Since you are an internet bookmaker with your persösimilar data and payment details trust müssen, it depends on höthe highest standards in terms of security. trust with our recommendations on closureüprotection, protection of privacyäre and data security.

  • Bookmaker offer

    We test every online betting site for a range of sports betting that is broad and depth goes. That means that you don't just get out of all kinds of sports wählen köbut also use many types of bets in various sporting events köcan. This gives you the opportunity to use your sports knowledge profitably.

  • Sports betting app

    The mobile prediction game is important for you to be quick on current sports events react köYou can always be in contact with your bookmaker köcan. We inform she üVia mobile betting sites and sports betting apps für Mobilgeräte of the individual betting portals in US.

  • Customer service

    There can always be questions and concerns that are best addressed to your personal needsöwith one Employee klälet ren. Availability and professionalismät of customer service because it is important why we present you in our field reportsüabout enlären.

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Are online sports bets legal in US??

Yes, with a corresponding license $om Comlot düCheck out Internet sports betting providers addressed to US players. In our recommendations, we pay very close attention to the fact that the necessary authorization of the bookmaker is also given.

Which sports can you give sports betting tips on??

With top US bookmakers köyou can answer on uncäbet on various sports, including Soccer, tennis, cycling, basketball, motor sports, handball, golf, volleyball, American Football, rugby, boxing, winter sports, ice hockey, horse racing or even e-sports.

There is also live betting?

Yes, this particular type of bet is also availableügbar. The bettingärkt für give live bets You the Möopportunity, still wätips during a game or a sporting event place and win at short notice.

What does the betting odds mean??

The betting odds indicate how likely or unlikely an event will occur with a A sporting event is, for example, the victory of a football team. A high quota corresponds a high payout in the event of a win, but also means a low one Probability that this case will occur.

There is a sports betting bonus at US bookmakers?

Yes you köFor example, you can receive $ee credit with your first deposit. We have füWhen comparing our providers, we also paid attention to a bonus offer with fair conditions.

What are combination bets and system bets?

A combination bet combines several sports betting tips on one betting slip. Für a profit müYou must then win all single bets. A system bet is that Connection of several combination bets to a whole system. There is an option here that not all individual combination bets are correct müsweet. So it is möresembled, for example, with three of füFive tips to get a payout right.

What are the best US betting sites on the internet?

Our sports betting experts have the top in an extensive provider comparison Online bookmaker für US sports betting fans determined. Find the recommendations You at the top of this page.