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The best US online casinos für Video Poker 2021

The best US online casinos for video poker 2021

Video poker is standard nowadays in online casinos and an Möequality für a player, to play poker without an opponent. Numerous variants of the game köonline for exciting entertainment and real money winningsöbecome a possibility. here KöYou can try out video poker for $ee Learn video poker rules and $om the best US online casinos wählen.

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The top video poker online casinos für US

If you want to win real money at video poker, practiceörun an online casino that you trust köcan. We give you seriöse and trustworthyüearthy online casinos with license to choose $om so you can play in a safe environment köcan.

4.7 / 5
The best games availableügbar at Casino777
Bonus type: Match bonus
Bonus amount: 777 $
Match share: 100%
Sales conditions: 30x
Period: 30 days

Your first deposit at Casino777 will be doubled. You can receive a maximum of $ 777 as a bonus. Only when the wagering requirements are met will the bonus credit be converted into real money credit and can be paid out. For wagering the bonus, stakes are 100% in slots and 10% in classic games.

$ 777
1-2 days
Payout duration
4.5 / 5
The best games availableügbar with 7 melons
Bonus type: Loyalty points
Bonus amount: 300

The Grand Casino Bern website offers an excellent selection of popular slots as well as blackjack and video poker. There is also a multi-level loyalty program in which you can collect points and unlock more and more benefits.

$ 300
3-5 days
Payout duration
4.2 / 5
The best games availableügbar at jackpots
Bonus type: Match bonus
Bonus amount: 1000 $
Match share: 100%
Sales conditions: 30x
Period: 6 months

At you will receive a 100% match bonus of up to $ 1,000 on your first deposit. Even with the second (50% to max. 500 $), third (50% up to a maximum of 10 $) and fourth (100% up to a maximum of 700 $) deposit you will receive an additional bonus. You have to wager the bonus credit 30 times on slots and 90 times on table spoons before it can be paid out.

$ 1,111
1-3 days
Payout duration
3.4 / 5
The best games availableügbar at Starvegas
Bonus type: Match bonus
Bonus amount: 300 $
Match share: 100%
Sales conditions: 30x
Period: 30 days

At StarVegas you will receive a bonus of after your account verification 30 $ without deposit. If you then make a deposit of at least $ 10, your deposit amount will be doubled up to a maximum of $ 300. You can only withdraw your winnings after fulfilling the wagering requirements.

$ 300
3 to 4 days
Payout duration

Play video poker for $ee without registration

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  • Experience reports with all information about the best US online casinos
  • Find the best game selection für video poker online
  • Benefit $om an attractive casino bonus at the virtual video poker machine with $ee credit
Experienced gambling experts

This is how we determine the best video poker online casinos

We value a transparent test procedure for Üchecküby USA Online Glügame providers. Therefore declaräLet’s give you the criteria that we’ve been using below Examine every review of casino sites carefully:

  • Licensing

    Internet Eqücksspiel pages dücan only apply to US citizens with the appropriate license Judge players. We therefore only recommend online casinos that meet these pointsüll and get through Seriousnessät and reliableädistinguish themselves. if So choose a provider $om our top list wählen, köDo your best Leave conditions.

  • Game selection

    You köYou can play video poker online in a number of ways for $ee or play for real money. In our test reports you can read everything about the respective online casino game selection, the avüAvailable video poker machines and the other casino games with online slots, Table and card games as well as live casino.

  • bonus

    The $ee credit that you get with a Casino bonus can receive really pay off and give you the Mögive opportunity, lälonger to play for real money. So don't miss this chance and get yourself a lucrative one here Welcome bonus für your first deposit in the online casino.

  • safety

    We pay attention to höThe highest security standards of the tested online casinos. For this zächoose the ISO certification of data security, an encryptionüsselection of the dataütransmission and a adequate protection of your privacyäre and persösimilar data.

  • Payment options

    Online casino banking with modern payment methods is fast, safe and convenient. So that there are no waiting times for deposits and withdrawals, read our Experience reports before you register, which payment methods are available and how long transactions take.

  • Customer service

    Good customer service is worth a lot, which is why we put this point in our tests also pay close attention. We rate the Möopportunities to contact, the service and availability of customer service.

Black list of not recommended CH internet casinos

The best way to do this online EqüGame providers a wide arc: None of the casino Blacklisted sites could pass our testing process and all of these dubiousöthese pages failed.

AlpenBetten 1/5
No güvalid license für US
Mighty Slots Casino 1/5
No güvalid license für US
Casino MGA 1/5
Fake games
Wild Vegas 1/5
Withdrawal issues

How does video poker work online?

Video poker is a variant of poker that a player can play alone without an opponent. On a slot machine or in an online casino, a random generator determines the cards. The first video poker machines existed as early as the 1980s US casinos. $om the beginning one of the main gründe für the big one The popularity of the game is due to the fact that newbies can use it without any pressure Approach poker game köcan.

The aim of the game in video poker online

Depending on the variant, different video poker rules apply, but the principle is, that the player must form a winning poker hand $om his hand cards. A minimum value can apply and köJokers can also come into play.

Casino table

So läets a round of video poker:

  • Step 1: bet & oneäplace paws

    The player tädoes its basic job. DepäDepending on the type of game, there can be side bets such as insurance against a bad hand or a bet on one special poker hand

  • Step 2: cards are played

    Subsequently receivedält the player in all 5 Card Poker variants fünf hand cards. The player has one opportunity to play one or more cards in hand against others To deceive. To supportüThe casino software shows the value of the current hand.

  • Step 3: evaluation

    If the player has received his new cards or has decided against it, the evaluation. The poker hand is scored and the player receivesält a payout accordingly the pay table. A particularly rare poker hand scores häoften a höhere payout.

Video poker icon

One of the reasons why video poker online is so popular is that players can play without pressure approach the game of poker köcan.

When a minimum value applies, players will only receive a payout $om a certain hand onwards, what häThis is often already mentioned in the name of the video poker variant. "Jacks or Better or “Tens or Better” means that the player has at least two jacks or 10 füfor a payoutödoes.

Other types of play contain a joker or use a card as a placeholder, such as it is the case with "Deuces Wild": Here the 2 other cards can replace and it köcan even Fünflings are formed. Bonus Poker means extra winnings für senior Pokerblätter möresembled.

Video poker variants in the online casino

Video poker online is available in numerous varietiesügbar. The best thing to do is to take advantage of the offer für Video Poker for $ee at the top of our page to learn about some of the variations. the The following video poker titles are popular and therefore häOften in the casino and on the Internet to be found:

  • Jacks or Better and Tens or Better

    The name already determines the poker hand with the lowest value, a P 10äto rage or two boys. Because lesser combinations have no value, you get für the höHerrangigen Blätter a correspondingly better payout.

  • Joker’s wild

    In this video poker variant there is a joker in the hand that allows the player relieved to find a poker hand $om fünf cards to form. This variety has üusually a very high payout ratio.

  • Deuces Wild

    Here the 2 is practically the joker and can replace other cards in order to be profitable To form combinations. Deuces Wild also has a high payout percentage that you can get into see the payout table köcan.

  • Bonus poker

    Even with this type of game, there is only one payout für a hövaluable Päto rage, dafür rewards you the game für a quadruplet with an höhigher payout. Double bonus Get Poker and Triple Bonus Pokeröhen addäadditionally the payout für four aces respectively für a flush or royal flush.

  • All American Poker

    This variant is also known as USA Poker and uses the Jacks or Better Payout. A full house and two Pärchen receive a lower payout, wälistening Flush, straight and straight flush höbe rewarded here.

  • Loose Deuces Wild

    This is an expansion of Deuces Wild. The player receivesält a essential höhere payout für a four of a kind, which consists of only 2s.

  • Jackpot Video Poker

    With this attractive type of game the player can win a jackpot. Here can it is an internal fixed-paying jackpot that is lostöst will, if, for example, four aces fall. With progressive jackpots, the winning amount is open at the top.

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Video Poker Tips and Tricks

Video poker is a casino game in which you decide the outcome of the game affect köcan. Get an optimal way of playingöht therefore yours Odds of winning considerable. A video poker strategy must adhere to that Adapt the conditions and video poker rules of the respective variant, but our experts give Give you some general tips and tricks für Video Poker online:

  • Video Poker Rules: Before you begin, be sure to read the summary of the Read through the rules of the game and take a look at the paytable to understand which ones Pokerblätter are particularly worthwhile.
  • Probabilities: Study the probabilities of the different Pokerblätter. Whenever you trade cards you should always try to hit the poker hand with the Höas likely as hoping for a royal flush, for example.
  • Deputyöhey: WäChoose the right bet in every round. This should not only to fit your budget, but also to the video poker variant. At Bonus Poker or At Jackpot Poker, the maximum payout may only be made with maximum stake.
  • Video Poker for $ee: If you have Pokerblätter still get to know and Video poker üwant to ben, köYou can do this for $ee and without obligation. In the online casino as also at the top of our page köYou can try casino games without real money and registration and learn video poker rules.
  • Casino Bonus: Use the $ee credit that you come with a Receive welcome bonus or deposit bonus as well as with promotions and promotions. Through this secure yourselfäadditional chances of winning at video poker online.
House edge

The house edge in video poker is very low, which in turn means a high payout percentage conditional. The poker variants schükill a high percentage of oneästart again as profits Player off. As with blackjack, some types of game even have a quota of more than 100% möalike, but only if the player always makes the right decision.

House advantage at Video Pokerauthors__title

Video poker strategy table

The following general table köYou can see how many cards you have in hand with the 5 Card Draw Video Poker and should swap if you are already on which poker hand hold in hand:

Hand cards Keep cards Swap cards
Royal flush 5 0
Straight flush 5 0
Full house 5 0
Flush 5 0
Street 5 0
Quadruplets 4th 1
4/5 royal flush 4th 1
4/5 straight flush 4th 1
Two couples 4th 1
4/5 street 4th 1
4/5 flush 4th 1
Triplet 3 2
3/5 royal flush 3 2
3/5 straight flush 3 2
Päto rage 2 3
2/5 royal flush 2 3
Two high cards 2 3
A high card 1 4th
No poker hand 0 5
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How does video poker work online?

Video Poker is a random number generator that is fair and randomällig draws the playing cards. In this way one player can play poker alone. the aim is, to form a winning poker hand. If you winäls the player a Real money Payout.

Can you play video poker for $ee??

Yes you müdo not have to use real money, but köYou can play the casino game too try it without obligation. You have the opportunity to do this at the top of this page: With us you will find $ee casino games that you can play right in your browser köcan. In the US Online casino has a play money mode for trying out video poker and casino games.

Is there also video poker für Mobilgeräte?

Yes, online Glücksspiel provider in US supüusually all modern Cell Phones and Tablets. You köYou can either download and install a real money app or you can use the option to play instantly in the browser with your mobile deviceät.

What types of video poker are there in the US online casino??

The exact game selection varies $om casino site to casino site. Video Poker is usually a Five Card Draw Poker variant, but there is also Casino Hold'em as video poker. Popular games are also Tens or Better and Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild and Joker Poker.

Is there a casino bonus für video poker?

Yes you köYour $ee credit, which you receive with a casino bonus, can also be used with video Use poker. All details on sales can be found in the bonus conditions in the respective Online casino. Has a casino bonus üIncidentally, nothing with the game variant "Bonus Poker" to do: This name only gives an additionaläadditional payout für shows some card combinations.

What is the difference between casino poker and video poker?

Casino poker play against a real dealer who sends a VideoüBroadcast through the game fühears. Real cards are used here, wäduring Video Poker uses a random number generator to determine the results. Video poker köYou can also play for $ee, wäduring Casino Poker Real Money Oneätze required.

Where are the best US casino sites für video poker?

If you are on a safe and serious basisöse play environment für quit your poker game do we wantäSimply choose a US $om our recommendations in our top list Online Eqügame provider.