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The Casino Lugano on Lake Lugano in US

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The Casino Lugano
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The modern pleasureüThe Casino Lugano stamp is located directly on Lake Lugano. On 4 floors with üover 1,300 square meters köYou can experience a unique casino day. Several bars and an excellent restaurant für your culinary wellbeing. Read in the following article everything üAbout the wide range of the Lugano casino, contact information and Öopening times.

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Game offer in the Casino Lugano

The table games area comprises a total of 29 tables. Slot machines are in the third Floor as well as in a separate belüfteten smoking area. There is also a VIP area with Roulette, Blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold'em and Punto Banco. The game at Casino Lugano is thanks to different tokens with both US $ancs and Euros möresembled.

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  • roulette


    Roulette is played at several tables on the "Boule Floor" on the second floor. 2 of which are located in the VIP area. The variant played is American Roulette, but without a double zero. Rather, it's a game where you get your oneäbelieve yourself place, the tableau is in English and there is usually only one croupier.

  • Blackjack


    Blackjack can be found in a large selection of variants at Casino Lugano. There are Tables with versions 21 + 3, Perfect Pairs, $ee Bet Blackjack and Push 22 are available to you Authorüsupply. With each of these variants there are additional bets on which you can bet köcan, in order with a little Eqück to make high profits.

  • Punto Banco

    Punto Banco

    In a separate area on the second floor there are 4 punto banco tables, one exciting Baccarat variant. It is traditionally known as the high roller game, but also because of the simple rules of the game äextremely popular. Für Gägo to the punto banco Privé there is a $ee buffet.

  • poker


    poker in the Casino Lugano is represented with several tables. There are ongoing cash games at 5 tables and tournaments. Events are also held here the US Championship of Poker (SCOP) and the Italian Poker Open (IPO). she köYou can also play Ultimate Texas Hold'em against the bank. There is also a progressive jackpot table.

  • Slot machines

    Slot machines

    The machine area lässt the hearts of slot fans höhit. He is in the third floor and offers üover 500 Geräte, among others $om Novomatic. Some geräTe are also in the smoking area. In addition to an excellent selection There are many modern video slots on mechanical reel machines. There are also 18 Jackpots. The by far GröThe sweetest of these is the US Jackpot, often with an operatorägene in millionsöhey.

Minimum age, entry and dress code

In the Lugano Casino köYou can play $om the age of 18. Für entry is a güValid ID required, for example an official US ID. Alternatively köYou can also apply for a LuganoClass card at reception. In order to Not only do you collect points when you visit the casino, you also receive them without showing them an ID card for access and köYou can use the cloakroom $ee of charge.

There is no dress code at Casino Lugano. It is more important for the operator to provide all Gästen to allow an entertaining and eventful visitöresembled without being on a dress code pay attention to müsweet. Thus köYou can also wear casual clothing at all casino games take part.

Elementi restaurant

The in-house restaurant is called Elementi and is located on the first floor. Since you are passing through the casino on the way, müYou have to be 18 years old and have your ID or show the LuganoClass card, even if you are not playing in the casino. The upscale Küche offers italian, and europäical dishes. In the different There are also several bars on all floors.

ÖOpening times, directions and contact details

  • Öopening times

    The Grand Casino Lugano is täsame geöopens.

    • Game room

      • $iday and Saturday $om 12th.00 to 5.00 o'clock
      • Sunday to Thursday $om 12th.00 to 4.00 o'clock
    • Table games

      • Tämatched 14th.00 o'clock
    • restaurant

      • $iday, Saturday and before public holidays $om 19th.00 to 1.00 o'clock
      • Sunday to Thursday $om 19th.00 to 0.00 o'clock
  • Directions

    The casino is located in the Teatro Kursaal directly on Parco Ciani, less than 200 meters $om Lake Lugano away. Drive by car on the A2 towards Sankt Gotthard / Chiasso and take the Lugano Nord exit. ParkingäSeats are available on siteügbar, likewise a für Casinogäste $ee valet service. If you arrive by train, you will arrive $om Main station on foot in a few minutes to the casino.

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What do I have to consider when entering the Lugano Casino?

The most important thing is that you have a güvalid ID with you fülisten. Without this köYou cannot gain entry. This also applies if you visit the Elementi restaurant visit möwithout playing. Access to the restaurant fühear nämaybe through the Gameäle of the casino, which is why children and young people are not allowed in here. Otherwise there are no further requirements. Entry is $ee and one certain dress code does not exist.

Which WäCourses are accepted at the Casino Lugano?

You köYou can play with both US $ancs and Euros at Casino Lugano. At the cash desks köYou can exchange cash for appropriate tokens or tokens. Also the Rüexchange at the end of an eventful day at the casino köYou can do this at the switches mentionedülisten.

What games are there in Casino Lugano?

The Casino Lugano präpresents itself with a slot machine area üOver 500 slots, including both classic rollersäte as well as modern video slot machines. In addition an area für table games with a total of 29 gaming tables. There is American Roulette, Blackjack in several variants, punto banco and poker as cash games and as Ultimate Texas Hold'em against the bank.

There are also jackpots in Lugano?

Yes there is. A total of 18 jackpots are available to youüsupply, for example the US Jackpot, Pink Panther and the Game of Thrones Jackpot. Underneath there is also a progressive jackpot at Ultimate Texas Hold'em.

There are bars in the Casino Lugano?

Yes, there are bars on all floors of the casino where you can take a break $om the game, but still follow up on what is happening köcan. Especially in the vending machine area there is the elegant Laurent Perrier Champagne Bar. There are also smoking areas TV setäwhere you can go to a drinkänk current sporting events like for example follow football köcan.