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The Casino Bad Ragaz in US

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The Casino Bad Ragaz
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The casino in the spa town of Bad Ragaz offers you as a visitor a lotäcurrent assortment Casino games, a top notch bar, non-smoking and smoking areas as well üsurprisingly many Gaming tables. The good connection to the motorway and the parking garage with direct access are just a few the signüge this casino. Find out what else you can do in the Casino Ragaz awaits.

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Games offered by the Casino Bad Ragaz

If you've never played at a casino before and have an easy timeüleadership für roulette, blackjack or slotsötigen, then köWith groups of 6 or more, you can have a $ee playclassäbooking. Täin that case üPre-registration via the contact form on the casino website. In addition are available on the websiteäapplication booklets are available for download. These are also suitable for für a re$esher on your gaming skills.

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  • roulette


    The Casino Bad Ragaz offers you roulette in the American Variation in which you place the chips yourself on the tableau and all the names are printed in English. There are 4 gaming tables at which the croupiers tämatched 18th.Invite midnight to the game. An electronic roulette terminal is also availableüsupply.

  • Blackjack


    At 2 tables köCall the casino in Bad Ragaz Classic card game blackjack to play. The Perfect Pairs variant is also availableügbar, in which you place on side bets put köcan. AddäBlackjack is also available as an electronic variant. These can be found in the slot machines area.

  • poker


    poker is available to you in the Casino Bad Ragaz in the form of Ultimate Texs Hold'em availableüsupply. You play this variant against the bank and not against others player. Therefore it is well suited for für beginners as the rules something are easier. HereüThere is a table available in the gaming roomügbar.

  • Slot machines

    Slot machines

    In the Casino Bad Ragaz köYou can call your Glütry ck. These include some reel slots as well as numerous video slot machines, video Blackjack and Video Poker. Some slots are also located in the comfortable smoking area.

  • Jackpots


    There are also 4 jackpots at Casino Ragaz. Of these, 2 are mystery jackpots, nämaybe the Tamina and the Pizol Jackpot, the accäcompletely excludedübe killed köcan. Then there are the 2 progressive jackpots Calanda and Heidiland. Both types of jackpot können with säpossible Slot machines can be won in the casino. Only the electronic one is excluded $om this Multi-roulette terminal.

Age, entry and dress code

The most important requirements füThe minimum age is required to enter Casino Bad Ragaz of 18 years and showing a güvalid official ID. Entry is generally $ee of charge. The dress code is sporty and elegant. Also, always pay attention a neat outfit. With dirty clothes, sportswear, shorts or open ones Unfortunately, you will not be admitted to men's shoes.

Gastronomy and events

The Golden Wave Bar in Casino Bad Ragaz provides you with one in between grosszüwide selection of drinksädrinks and snacks. The Golden Wave Bar is especially für that excellent range of üKnown over 140 types of gin $om US and around the world. MöIf you want to have more than just a little something, there is something in Bad Ragaz itself some excellent restaurants. On the website you will find all the recommendations of the Casinos in Üoverview.

The calendar of events at Casino Bad Ragaz is good all year roundüllt. Throw Take a look at the calendar of events on the website to make yourself üAbout all upcoming To inform events. You köYou can also book great gift packages for For example a voucher that includes a dinner and a visit to the Tamina Therma.

ÖOpening times, house address and directions

  • Öopening times

    In the Casino Bad Ragaz köYou can play on 364 days. Only on 24. December, so on saint Evening, it remains closed. The slot machine area is täresembled the general Öopening times availügbar. The bar is usually also open at these timesöopens.

    • Casino

      • $iday and Saturday $om 12th.00 to 4.00 o'clock
      • Sunday to Thursday $om 12th.00 to 3.00 o'clock
    • Table games

      • Tämatched 18th.00 o'clock
  • Directions

    You can get there by car üVia the A13, exit 12 Bad Ragaz or exit 13 Maienfeld, to the Casino. Drive towards Tamina Therme. The directly adjacent parking garage hasügt üVia direct access to the casino. Alternatively köYou can come by train. At the The easiest way is to take bus number 80.451 to the Bad Ragaz Tamina Therme stop. This fäusually listens every hour.

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There are good parking spaces at the Casino Bad Ragazöopportunities?

Yes there is. There is a parking garage that connects the casino with the one in the NäHe shares Tamina Therma. There is enough parking space hereäavailableüsupply. There is also direct access to the casino $om there.

Is there a specific dress code?

Yes there is. In a well-groomed, sporty-elegant outfit you are well dressed forür an entertaining casino evening. On sports fashion, open shoes for men, shorts or You should therefore avoid worn out clothing. However, a tie is compulsory not, so it is enough if you are smartly dressed but not in evening attire.

What else do I have to consider when entering the casino??

The minimum age of 18 years requires identification. So ask sure you have a güBring your official ID or your passport with you. Apart $om mentioned dress code müdo not need to pay attention to anything else. In addition, entry into the Casino Bad Ragaz basicallyäreally $ee.

How many slot machines are there in Casino Bad Ragaz??

The slot machine area is home to around 160 slot machines. You play at the slots über Cashless cards. These are prepaid cards that you receive at the checkout and have a credit openüllen köcan. To play fülisten to your card in the card reader directly on the wäkeep Slot machines a and köYou can then start playing right away.

Are there poker tournaments or cash games?

Unfortunately, no. Cash games and tournaments are currently not available and not planned for the time being. At the Casino Bad Ragaz there is currently only one gaming table with the Poker variant Ultimate Texas Hold'em availableüsupply. You play this variant in contrast to classic poker not against other players, but against the bank. In case of it some ächanges, find out about it with us at