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The casino Pfäffikon in US

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Pf & auml; ffikon
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The casino Pfäffikon is one of the 21 land-based casinos in US. On this page we will introduce you to the casino in detail. You will learn something in the process üAbout the games offered, the age restrictionärestrictions, the dress code, the Öopening times and much more. We give You also get information on how to get there and the location of the Spielstätte.

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Game offer of the casino Pfäffikon

In the US Casino Pfäffikon are slot machines, the table games American Roulette and Blackjack as well as poker are offered.

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  • American Roulette

    American Roulette

    At the Casino Pfäffikon 4 American Roulette tables and 9 Multi-roulette terminals available for the gameüsupply. The roulette tables are open Monday through Sunday $om 17.00 o'clock geöopens and the multi-roulette täequaled $om 12.00 o'clock. The minimum bet at the tables reä> 5 $ancs, the simple chances and column / dozen amount at least 25 $ancs. With the multi-roulette it is 1 $anc and at least 10 $ancs für simple chances and column / dozen.

  • Blackjack


    At the tables in Casino Pfäffikon köYou can play against the bank alone or with $iends. There are a total of three blackjack tables with croupiers, open Monday through Sunday $om 5pm.00 o'clock be recorded. The minimum stake reä> 10 $ancs. At the Blackjack, also known as 21 or 17 + 4, müss as close as möwas like getting a card value of 21, in order to win.

  • poker


    In what is probably the most famous card game in the world köin Pfäffikon between Texas Hold'em Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker wählen. There is a Texas Hold'em table of ten Plätzen, the täequal $om 20.00 o'clock availüis gable. The game form Texas Hold'em has "No Limit" a minimum stake of 5 $ancs each für the small blind and the big blind. The buy-in reä> 200 $ancs.

    Ultimate Texas Hold'em Poker is a variant of the game classic texas hold'em poker, which is played against the bank. The range of games includes 2 Ultimate Texas Hold'em tables with an unlimited progressive jackpot. These are täequal $om 17.Manned at midnight. Of the Minimum bet reä> 5 $ancs and the maximum stake 100 $ancs.

  • Slot machines

    Slot machines

    The electronic slot machines are ultra-modern devicesäte with random generators. she are regularlyäßig on their functionüeligibility and lawäsweetness üchecküft. That Offer is enough in Casino Pfäffikon $om the classic machines üabout video slots up to towards Video pokergeräth. There are 166 slot machines and a multi-roulette system with 9 terminals. The minimum stake reägt a black horse and the maximum stake is 25 $ancs.

  • Online casino

    Online casino

    Together with the other three HäThe US Casinos Group operates Casino Pfäffikon their own online casino. Numerous slots $om popular manufacturers such as Novomatic, classic table games and also games with live dealer required. There are also lucrative jackpot slots and special slot machines with special minor or high roller oneägrope.

Age restrictionäRestrictions and dress code in the Pfäffikon

In the casino Pfäffikon können people aged 18 and over with güvalid official ID (ID, passport or FüID card). The casino pays attention to a clean and well-maintained Appearance. Not determinedüDirty clothes, missing shoes, dingy ones are wished for Clothes, sweatpants or too $eeügreat outfits. Headgear, jackets, rucksacksäcke, large bags and umbrellas müssen $om security groupücan be handed in at the cloakroom.

Gastronomy and events

In the restaurants OLEA and KAORI as well as in the Gambler's Bar köyou can Experience first-class gastronomy. The KAORI restaurant specializes in sushi and offers selectedäholds wines, sake and teas. In the restaurant OLEA with lake view, a terrace and a wine room there is a Mediterranean menu. In the casino bar köPlease help yourself relaxed atmosphereäre relax and enjoy delicious cocktails.

The event calendar of the Casino Pfäffikon always offers a number of interesting and exciting ones Events such as the popular Gambling Night with raffles or other special events.

ÖOpening times and further information

  • Öopening times

    Entry to the casino is $ee. There is a separate smoking area.

    • Casino

      • Sunday to Thursday $om 12th.00 to 03.00 o'clock
      • $iday and Saturday $om 12th.00 to 05.00 o'clock
    • Table games

      • Sunday to Thursday $om 17th.00 to 03.00 o'clock
      • $iday and Saturday $om 17th.00 to 04.00 o'clock
    • Restaurant OLEA

      • Monday to Sunday $om 11th.00 to 22.00 o'clock
    • KAORI restaurant

      • Monday to $iday $om 11th.30 to 14.00 a.m. and 6 p.m.00 to 23.00 o'clock
      • Saturday $om 18th.00 to 23.00 o'clock
      • Closed on sunday
  • Directions

    The casino PfäYou can reach ffikon $om Zürich off with the car üVia the A3 and Route 8 in just over half an hour. You can find parking spaces directly at the casino. $om the Central station Züright benötake the train (RE, S2, S8, S25) to the Pf stopäffikon SZ and with 10-15 minüabout an hour on foot, depending on the connection.

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Are there jackpots in Casino Pfäffikon?

Yes, the US Casino Pfäffikon offers a total of four jackpots, around 144 of them Slot machines are attached. The current state of staggered silver, gold and Diamond Jackpots not only get good on the casino website, but also on the spot visibly displayed. The diamond jackpot can contain a maximum of 133,333 $ancs. Besides there is also the Asian Fortune jackpot.

Does the Casino Pfäffikon gift certificates?

Yes, the casino not only offers vouchers $om 20 $ancs, but also Experience packages to give away. These include, for example, an insertüwith your first visit with welcome drinkänk and game credit or a dinner in the restaurant OLEA followed by a visit to the casino.

Is the casino Pfäffikon also available onlineügbar?

Yes, the US Casinos Pfäffikon, Zürich, st. Gallen and Schaffhausen the Casino Zürichsee AG jointly operate their own online casino. This offers numerous slots $om popular providers such as Novoline and Red Tiger, table games and a live casino. As a new customer köYou can addäbenefit $om welcome bonuses.

What is the dress code in Casino Pfäffikon?

A neat appearance is important. Dirty outfits or shoes, äSleeveless men's shirts, thick winter boots, sunglasses or headgear are not allowed. SizeöThose bags and bulky itemsände müsweeten the cloakroom deposit, as these are not taken into the play area dürfen.

Is identification required when entering Casino Pfäffikon?

Yes, there only fullyälegal entities to GlüParticipate in games dürfen, must at Entry a güValid ID such as a passport or Fülicense must be presented. Of Furthermore, the legally required ID control serves the Üchecküfunction, whether possibly there is a game ban. In this case, entry will be denied.