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Play online blackjack in the best US online casinos 2021

Play online blackjack in the best US online casinos 2021

Blackjack or Black Jack is the most widespread card game in game banks. The exciting casino game against the dealer is easy to learn and offers good chances of winning. Blackjack Online offers the advantage that numerous variants are available. Try here The card game game for $ee, learn the blackjack regulate and find the Top online Casinos for US players in 2021.

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The Top Blackjack Online Casinos FüR US

Our experts test and evaluate regularäSSIG online casinos to füR US player the best Determine blackjack pages. Play for real money in safe surroundings with our recommendations!

4.7 / 5
The best gamesüGBar at Casino777
Bonus style: Match bonus
Bonus amount: 777 $
Match share: 100%
Sales: 30x
Period: 30 days

Your first deposit at Casino777 is doubled. So you can get a maximum of 777 $ancs as a bonus. Only when the sales conditions are achieved, the bonus credit is converted into real money balance and can be paid. For the implementation of the bonus, inserts in slots are 100% and 10% for classic games.

Paint; 777
1-2 days
Paying period
4.5 / 5
The best gamesüGBar at 7 melons
Bonus style: Loyalty points
Bonus amount: 300

The Grand Casino Bern website offers an excellent selection of popular slots as well as blackjack and video poker. There is also a multi-level loyalty program in which you can collect points and can always unlock other advantages.

Paint; 300
3-5 days
Paying period
4.2 / 5
The best gamesüGBar at Jackpots
Bonus style: Match bonus
Bonus amount: 1000 $
Match share: 100%
Sales: 30x
Period: 6 months

With jackpots.Ch receive a match bonus of up to 1'000 $ancs at their first deposit to 100%. Also at the second (50% to max. 500 $), third (50% to a maximum of 10 $) and fourth (100% to a maximum of 700 $) deposit you will receive another bonus. To slots you need to implement the BonusgutHabn 30 times and 90 times in table pelpen before it can be paid out.

Paint; 1'111
1-3 days
Paying period
3.4 / 5
The best gamesüGBar at Starvegas
Bonus style: Match bonus
Bonus amount: 300 $
Match share: 100%
Sales: 30x
Period: 30 days

For Starvegas, you will receive a bonus $om your account verification 30 $ without deposit. If you subsequently make a deposit of at least 10 $, your deposit amount will be doubled up to a maximum of 300 $. Only after fulfilling the terms of sales allow you to pay off your profits.

Paint; 300
3 to 4 days
Paying period

Play blackjack for $ee without registration

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Our recommendations are 100% seriös and confidenceüridden

  • Reviews for US Blackjack Online Casinos
  • The best pages to play many variants of blackjack
  • Real money gains on blackjack table with casino bonus
Experienced girls' play experts

So we determine the best online blackjack casinos

Blackjack online Real money Profits require a suitable and confidenceüRdige Online Casino. But the election does not have to be difficult for you: our experts Test and evaluate Casino pages, so you for our secure and reliableäSSGE recommendations to theüCK Trees Könip. These üInvestigate in all the following:

  • Licensing

    The required concession for a US online gambling provider is absolute pre-condition. The license seal speaks for seriositeäT, transparency and fair gameplay In a safe environment. Trust in a properäSSE approval.

  • Choice of play

    The blackjack rules are easy to learn, but wait in the game in the online casino inadequateäLigical variants on you. Take your Odds at Your favorite blackjack game true and let yourself be entertained by exciting casino. We pay attention to a successful compilation at Casino Games with blackjack. Slot machine and other table and card games and live dealer blackjack.

  • bonus

    Benefit $om the many advantages that give you $ee credit in the online casino bruise. Play Blackjack online Casino bonus and achieveöhen You so your profitöloyalty. Here you will find attractive bonus offers, which with fairness and favorable conditions convince Könip. Look forward to lucrative attractions For regular customers in the casino.

  • safety

    Certified, tested and fair casino games are one thing, but also yours personöNevere data must be protected. That's why we test in our online casino tests The security measures and data protection. So is the integritäT of your payment details and your persöware.

  • Payment options

    Online Casino Banking has to fast, reliabilityäSensely and safely expire. Our Experience reports inform you about the available payment methods and the Conditions to which you perform transactions in online casinoönip.

  • Customer service

    US player wants to be self-evident in the online casinoäa reliabilityäsettle Contact person, even if usually everything smooth läquantity. We let you know, which contactmöFor customer service there are and how fast and competent You receive answer.

Black List Not Recommended CH Internet Casinos

Do not register with these online GLüCKSpiel providers if you value seriositeät and save security. These casino pages have failed in our test procedure!

Alpenbetten 1/5
No Gülicense füR US
Mighty Slots Casino 1/5
No Gülicense füR US
Casino MGA 1/5
Fake games
Wild Vegas 1/5
Problems with payouts

How does Blackjack work online?

The blackjack rules are uniform, but there are numerous variants. Hereinafter Let's describe the classic blackjack in its basic form. The game uses $anzösix Playing cards and a semi-circularöthe table where the players the dealer, ie the Card encoders, againstüberth.

The game goal at blackjack

Every player plays at the table FüR himself against the dealer. The single game output Händ not $om the result of the teammates. The player must use two or more hand cards Reaching value 21 or have a better sheet than the dealer to win the lap.

Casino Blackjack Table

Soäa round of blackjack online:

  • Step 1: Set game insert

    The player sets his use within the minimum and maximum. The dealer then distributes all an open card and then the second card to the players.

  • Step 2: Dealers distributes cards

    Now the players are on the train. In turn, everyone can use «Hit» more cards Request or stop with «Stand». If a player exceeds 21 points, his Round finished immediately.

  • Step 3: Evaluation & Payment

    The dealer lasts his second card. He has to go to the game rules Pull cards: In the classic blackjack, the dealer attracts below 17 points more cards and stays at 17 or more points. Subsequently, the evaluation takes place.

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Blackjack card values

  • The ass zäHLT FüR the player 1 or 11 points and becomes the Gübest. The dealer ZäHft his ass with 11 points, unless so wühe is the 21 points üborder on.
  • The cards 2 to 10 zäHen her eyes.
  • Bube, lady and köNIG are worth 10 points each.

If the dealer has more than 21 points, win the remaining players. Otherwise, a Comparison of the points of the hand cards between the individual players and the dealer. In the event pay the oneäTZE in progressäLtnis 1: 1 out. A blackjack wins with a payout of 3: 2, However, a round with blackjack of players and dealers are draw.

The player can share or double: a sheet with two equivalent cards lässt in two hädivide with double insert. A double of the insert after the second hand card is mölike, then the player should only pull another card.

Online Blackjack variants

The blackjack rules of the classic variant have many over timeäChanges and Extensions Learn. At blackjack online köYou can choose $om many types of typesähen, of which We are now the most popular of youäREN:

  • Atlantic City Blackjack

    The dealer must stop at 17 points, the player can be a hand but SPäter to give up. The player may share a hand up to three times and at the first two Double cards the use.

  • Spanish blackjack

    Here is the 10 not in the game, picture cards zäbut then 10 points. The blackjack of the Dealers ZäHft more than the player's blackjack, the dealer does not have to 17 points. The player may double his use with any number of cards.

  • European Blackjack

    A blackjack pays 3: 2, but players may only share the sheet once. That Dual requires 9, 10 or 11 points. The dealer attracts 16 and less Points and stands at 17.

  • Blackjack Switch

    The player always has two BLäand may interchange the second cards.

  • Double Exposure Blackjack

    Here the dealer leaves all his cards open, but there is no draw, but the dealer wins.

  • Pontoon

    This English blackjack variant provides that the dealer has his two cards concealed. At point level, the dealer wins and the player must be at 14 or draw few points and stop at 15 or more.

  • Live Dealer Blackjack

    In the live casino you play blackjack on a virtual blackjack table with one Real dealer and real blackjack cards. You experience the events by video transmission and interact by casino software for authentic casino atmosphereäRe at any time and everywhere!

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Online Blackjack Tips and Tricks

Blackjack is the most popular card game in the casino and in the online casino because it is due to the very low house advantage advantageous FüR the player is. Whoever optimally decides, has even better winning opportunities. We give you a few tips and tricks as you blackjack Playing online best tactical:

  • Do not try, with FüNF cards to win. Stay at 17 or more points and four cards stand. At 8 or fewer points, drag a card.
  • The idea of dual is in it, $om a good sheet a HöReal money profit get out. If you have 11 points with your hand cards, you should double.
  • Numerous blackjack variants give you the opportunity to buy a "insurance" to yourself for example against a draw or a dealer blackjack to Schütie. Such bets have a high house advantage and offer bad winning opportunities.
  • If you have 10 or two image cards twice, you should not share your sheet! It is unlikely that FüR she creates a better situation than this secure 20 points.
  • But do two aces, as long as the dealer no ace häLt.

Play for real money, you should give your blackjack game a festive budget and this retain. Adjust the use in every round of your Casino Bankroll.

For all blackjack variants in the online casino KöYou can see the respective rules conveniently and Learn in which case your payout as highäLLT. Do you want to try the game first, köTest blackjack for $ee with play money.

Blackjack strategy

As a blackjack strategy, tips are called the player's optimal Behavior prescribe. The strategy to be appliedäbut always $om the blackjack Rules of the respective type. All specified tips relate to the Classic blackjack.

Blackjack strategy
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How does Blackjack work online?

WäHere, here $om our top list above a suitable online casino to blackjack Online to play real money to Könip. You register with the provider, numbers an amount on your casino account and KöThen get started immediately.

You can play blackjack online for $ee?

Yes, we have compiled $ee casino games for you. Also blackjack köYou try without any registration and risk without obligation. In the US online Casino is there a game money mode to get to know Casino Games like Blackjack first.

Is there a blackjack table in mobile casino?

Yes, the game with mobile phone or tablet is in virtually all online casinos in the US Möpleasant. For that KöYou either use a Casino app or visit you with Her mobileät the casino side and köNnen directly in the browser without download Play blackjack.

Which blackjack variants are available in the online casino in US?

The selection Hä$om the respective online casino. Blackjack zäbut to the Most popular casino games and numerous manufacturers have different types of play online. Blackjack Classic, Atlantic City or Spanish Blackjack are very spread. An absolute highlight is live dealer blackjack in the online casino.

There are blackjack tricks for real money profits?

Yes, dependentäng by the variant you play in the online casino, there is in everyone Situation an optimal decision. The tactical game helps you, the house advantage continue to lower. This procedure is also called blackjack strategy and There are tables for each variant.

What is the difference between online blackjack and live dealer blackjack?

The "normal" blackjack in the online casino delivers random results using a software. The Live Blackjack uses real playing cards that a dealer attract $om the card slide. Also with real dealeröYou can choose $om different Blackjack regulate wägo.

Is blackjack online safe?

Yes, if you have an online casino $om our recommendations wägo. Then köthey are to leave an official license and secure standards. Blackjack Online Läquantity fair off and her persödata as well as payments are secured by encryption.