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The Casino Davos in Graubünd

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The Davos Casino
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In the berücalled the climatic health resort of Davos köDon't just call winter sports and après-ski $önen. Casino Davos is not particularly big, but still offers a small one, but fine range of casino games. What exactly they are and what else there is to discover, together with säall other information in our following casino report.

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Casino Davos' range of games

The range of games at Casino Davos is üClear, but still offers good variety. Please note, however, that the area with the table games is only available in the winter seasonüsupply stands. At the slot machines köYou can, however, play all year round.

  • Game offer
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  • roulette


    roulette can be found in the Davos Casino in the American Roulette variant. before Start of game müFirst, swap money in chips at the cash register or directly at the gaming table exchange. Then place your oneäuse it yourself on the panel. Möget one slightly faster game, then köYou can alsoäalso electronic roulette in the Play machine area.

  • Blackjack


    Classic blackjack is offered at some tables. As well as in the partner casino, the Grand Casino Baden, köIn Davos you can call the popular card game in play the US Jack variant. A US Jack is the combination of a classic card Blackjack, but with 2 cross cards. In addition, köHere you can place additional bets on the cards of the Set dealers and win up to 300 times the payout.

  • Slot machines

    Slot machines

    In Casino Davos there is üOver 66 slot machines, some of them separately evilüopen smoking area. This is in comparison to most of the other casinos in US is very little, but the Casino Davos is also a rather small establishment strongly aligns its operations with the winter season with ski tourism.

  • Online casino

    Online casino

    Casino Davos also operatesäalso has its own online casino, the Casino 777 at the address find here You everything, $om Online slots üabout säall classic table games to live casino games $om Microgaming, Novoline, Gaming 1, iSoftBet and Red Tiger Gaming. here KöYou can also take part in table games outside of the winter season.

Age restrictionäRestrictions and dress code

The minimum age is full yearähonesty ahead. You köSo $om the age of 18 in the casino Play Davos. You müssen a g upon entryüpresent valid ID. Accepted become ID, passport, Fülicense and foreignächange ID. Admission is $ee. ÜAbout the dress code in Casino Davos müdo not have to worry too much, Evening wear is not required. With proper casual wear, you are best füdressed r the game.

Gastronomy and events

You will find the in-house bar in the middle of Casino Davos. It is located between the table game area and the machine area. There you can get non-alcoholic drinksänke, Cocktails, coffee, wine and more. Unfortunately, the casino does not have its own restaurant. However, around the casino you will find various restaurants and bars that are excellent reachable on foot köcan.

Events and offers are usually announced directly on the website. the Most of them, like the table games, take place mainly in the winter season. For example köcall one afternoonäcombine a visit to the casino with coffee and cake. Occasionally there are also exhibitions and product presentations, for example one Presentation of current mountain bikes in cooperation with the local two-wheeler storeäft.

ÖOpening times and further information

  • Öopening times

    The Davos Casino is usually open all year roundöopens. Any deviations will be usually üPosted on the casino website. If you play it safe möwant, then you should contact the casino without further ado.

    • Casino

      • Täresembled $om 14th.00 to 2.00 o'clock
    • Table games

      • Tämatched 20th.00 o'clock (only offered in the winter season)
  • Directions

    Casino Davos is a few minutes' walk $om the Schatzalp cable car station. It is located directly on the promenade, which runs like a main street through the whole of Davos. These However, it is a one-way street, which is why you drive in $om the northeast müsweet. If you come by train, drive to Davos Platz and you will be at the casino in around 8 minutes on foot.

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There is poker in Casino Davos?

Unfortunately, no. There is only American roulette, blackjack and a slot machine section. In the in-house online casino 777 there is no poker available eitherügbar. Dafür offers it offers you numerous other live games such as baccarat and different roulette variants as well as fun slot machines that you won't find in the land-based location köcan.

Do I have to bring ID??

Yes. To gain access to Casino Davos, müsweet a güShow your valid ID. The casino accepts official US Fülicense cards, ID, Pässe and Auslächange IDs. The reason is primarily the proof of age, which is intended to prevent minorsätheirs to Glütake part in games. However, the casino has been a Prävention of Money wäScherei is also legally obliged to present the respective ID document the first time Scan the visit.

How much does admission to the Davos Casino cost??

Entry to Casino Davos is $ee. This applies all year round, including for Winter season, where most of the Gäromp around in Casino Davos.

What do I have to pay attention to with regard to the dress code?

Things are more casual at Casino Davos. Upscale or even elegant evening wear not nötig. Hence köMen can also use ties and jackets in their closets permit. Just watch out for a well-groomed one ÄOtherwise, you are on the safe side.

How many slot machines are there in Casino Davos??

The slot machine area at Casino Davos includes almost 70 slots. Since it is a rather small casino that has its main focus primär relies on the winter season is this a comparatively üManageable offer. Are you looking for a gröOur selection, then köFor example, you could also have a game session in the in-house online casino, the Casino 777.

Is the offer in Davos and in the online casino identical??

no. The games in the land-based casino are numericalässig limited. In online Casino, for example, you will find a much largeröOur selection of slot machines. In addition, köYou can play table games here all year round, something in the land-based casino is not the case in Davos. However köDon't call the flair of one online experience real casinos. WäSo it's best to find out the advantages and disadvantages yourself für yourself off.