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The Casino Interlaken in US

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The Interlaken Casino
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The Casino Interlaken is not only beautifulön on the Aare between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, but also located in $ont of a breathtaking mountain backdrop. It is also located in the magnificent Kursaal of the city, which has a unique atmosphereäre promiseüht. It is privately operated, is but of courseüofficially licensed. Which casino games are available to you here, How to get there and what you should pay attention to in advance, you will find out in the following report.

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Games offered by the Interlaken Casino

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  • roulette


    American Roulette is available at 2 tablesügbar. Für the single chances as well as dozen and There is a minimum stake of $ 10 in columns. All other betting options köyou can Play $om $ 2. The maximal onesärates vary, for example 900 $ancs easy chances and 50 $ancs on plein. There is also electronic roulette that You can find them in the machine area. There köYou can play $om 1 $anc.

  • Blackjack


    The popular card game köIn the variant Perfect Pairs Blackjack, name 2 Playing tables. The table limits are between 2.50 and 10 $ancs per game round. Perfect Pairs offers you various Möopportunities to place additional bets through the You with a little Eqück achieve high profits köcan.

  • poker


    There are no poker cash games at the Interlaken Casino, but there areür but the casino variant Ultimate Texas Hold'em against the bank. This card game is also available at 2 tablesügbar. Per table köUp to 6 players can participate. The smallest bet reä> 5 $ancs and the maximum is 30 $ancs.

  • Slot machines

    Slot machines

    Natürlich düSlot machines should not be missing in Casino Interlaken. There is classic reel slot machines and modern video slots. Among other things, see here also slot machine games $om Novomatic.

  • Online casino

    Online casino

    If you don't have an Möhave the opportunity to go straight to Casino Interlaken in the Kursaal, then köYou can also use the official in-house online casino StarVegas on a rich selection Online slots and classic casino games. Here you will find, among other things, slots $om Novomatic and Poker, as well as games that you can play on real location in Interlaken does not play köcan.

Dress code, age requirements and admission

There is no explicit dress code. Only headgear is not allowed. she köSo you can take part in all casino games in casual clothing. It will, however Nevertheless, welcome when you visit the Casino Interlaken in a well-groomed outfit. Jackets or Mäntel köYou can check in at the cloakroom $ee of charge.

The minimum age für the casino visit is 18 years. To this too üchecküfen, identification is required. So be sure to bring your güvalid ID, otherwise yours unfortunately no entryäcan be heard. The entrance fee is regularär 5 $ancs. Before 18.00 You even get a welcome drinkänk about that. Have you as a visitor to Interlaken a Gästekarte, you get $ee entry.

Gastronomy and events

There is only one bar in Casino Interlaken. The casino works with us 2 restaurants in fussläufiger Nähey together. On the one hand there is the OX Restaurant & Grill, the US specialtyäten, steaks and europäical dishes on the menu präsent. On the other hand köIn the noble Ristorante e Pizzeria Sapori you can call it excellent Italian Küenjoy cheer.

Both restaurants offer interesting dinner specials in cooperation with the casino. This köCall you directly üBook through the restaurants. You will receive while eating in the Restaurants Glücksjetons, which you can use as part of the Dinner for Winner at Casino Interlaken play köcan.

ÖOpening times, contact information and directions

  • Öopening times

    The game at Casino Interlaken is open all year roundöresembled. Fixed closing days or public holidays there is not any. Extraordinary closings may be announced on the Website announced.

    • Slot machines and electronic roulette

      • $iday, Saturday and before public holidays $om 12th.00 to 3.00 o'clock
      • Sunday to Thursday $om 12th.00 to 2.00 o'clock
    • Table games

      • $iday, Saturday and before public holidays $om 18th.00 to 3.00 o'clock
      • Sunday to Thursday $om 18th.00 to 2.00 o'clock
    • bar

      • $iday, Saturday and before public holidays $om 12th.00 to 3.00 o'clock
      • Sunday to Thursday $om 12th.00 to 2.00 o'clock
  • Directions and parking

    The Casino Interlaken is idyllically situated on the Aare between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. Follow the A8 to exit 24 Interlaken-West. Then follow Route 6. On the second At the roundabout, take the second exit onto Klosterstrasse. At the end turn left on the Höhenweg, then right onto Strandbadstrasse. The casino is on the left and offers his Gä150 $ee parking spacesätze.

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What are the requirements für entry?

The minimum age füfor a visit to the Casino Interlakenä> 18 years. In addition identification is required. There is no specific dress code, which is why you are also in appear in a casual outfit köcan. A well-groomed one ÄBut outside is always welcome. The entrance fee is regularär 5 $ancs, with the Gästekarte as a visitor to Interlaken köBut you can get $ee entry.

Poker tournaments take place at Casino Interlaken?

Unfortunately, no. There is no poker against other players at Casino Interlaken. You müsweet Forget here with Ultimate Texas Hold'em, which you play against the bank. Dafür there are 2 tables für up to 6 players each availableüsupply. Poker tournaments or cash Games are not planned to date, but they will change at any time äcan change.

There are slot machine jackpots?

Yes there is. The casino even offers a total of 5 mystery jackpots. These will randomly issued at any slot in Casino Interlakenöst. It is So it doesn't matter which slot and how many $ancs you play with. They have generally a chance to crack one of the jackpots.

Is there parkingöopportunities right at the Casino Interlaken?

Yes. There are around 150 parking spaces at the casinoäopposeüabove the Bödelibad you use $ee of charge köcan. Simply pull out a ticket at the entrance and place it present it to an employee at the casino. You will then receive an exit ticket with which you can pass the barrier $ee of charge köcan.

How many gaming tables are there in Interlaken??

There are a total of 6 gaming tables in the Casino Interlaken hall. There are 2 Tables für American roulette, für blackjack and für Ultimate Texas Hold'em Poker intended. All gaming tables are täequaled $om 18.00 o'clock geöopens and manned by croupiers.