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Responsible gaming in the online casino

GlüResponsible gaming means that the purpose of the Game the conversation remains and the player does not have Eqügambling addiction developed. But also with leisure activitiesäIt is important to become satisfied üAbout gambling addiction and problematic To inform gaming behavior. We klären üon the definition of gambling addiction, point to the Möopportunities of restrictedäin the online casino show contact points in the event of a problem für US players on.

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What is gambling addiction?

Glückgames and also online casino games köcan dependämake ning. Unlike alcohol, Nicotine or medication is this dependencyäis not tied to a substance, which is why you should of a non-substance addiction or a behavioral stötion speaks. The pathological one Glücksspiel, also pathological or compulsive Glücalled cksspiel, is $om the World Health Organization as its ownäRecognizes and classifies enduring mental illness.

The gameüThe good can not resist the temptation of the game. In the definition of the Gambling addiction is the hä$equent and episodic games reported as symptoms. The player directs his life to play up to impairedächtigung and Rüdecline of others Points of life such as work, family and social environment.

The causes of gambling addiction köcan be different and at the beginningäStress plays a role big role, often in the form of depression, fear or guilt. The player flübe careful before realityät into Eqügame even though he recognizes his own problem as such. The denial problems of a financial, professional or personal nature are symptomatic.

Gambling addiction, also known as pathological or compulsive gambling, is one Behavioralötion, in which the affected person gives their own impulse to participate in Eqüdo not gamble control köcan. The diagnosis of gambling addiction includes the compulsive, shitädigende and Persistent gambling behavior with loss of control, strong gambling thoughts, denial of the problem, futile exit and realityäescape a.


How many people are affected in US??

Studies assume that around 80,000 to 120,000 people in US have problems Show gambling behavior or gambling addiction. This corresponds to around 0.8% of the adult population BevöCorrection with risky Eqügambling behavior, i.e. problematic players, and about 0.5% playügood, i.e. pathological, players.

About 70% to 80% of the people with Auffäll game behavior are mäactually. More than 32,000 People in US are subject to a game ban and are therefore unable to participate in Glügame excluded.

The US play on hämost $equent lotteries and betting. However, US studies also show, that internet player hämore often get addicted to gambling. However, the exact causes are unclearärt. So it doesn't have to be that online offerings in US are increasingly problematic Gaming behavior fühears. There's the hypothesis that gameürather, give every opportunity to play use and therefore on the Internet Eqügame toückgrip.


Individuals exhibit problematic gambling behavior or gambling addiction

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70% -80%

People with Auffäll game behavior are mäactually

> 32,000

People in US are subject to a game ban

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What are the online casino measures against gambling addiction?

The gambling addiction prävention or player protection in online casinos are reflected in important measures and Möopportunities. First and foremost is compliance with the applicable Eqügaming laws and of the conditions, which with the Eqügame license. When registering online Casino müssen, for example, minorätheirs will be excluded $om the game.

So that players can use the Eqübypass game offer köcan. Like with Alcohol is considered a healthy, vernüfuture measure is better than üacross the streetänge to beat. Therefore there are different Möopportunities to restrict your own gameänken:

  • Deposit limit

    The player specifies an amount that can be deposited at most within a certain period of time.

  • Limit of oneätze

    The player restrictsänks the Höhey its real money oneädab at the game für a certain period of time.

  • Limit of losses

    This restrictionäThe restriction limits the money lost in the game to a maximum amount für a period. When the amount is reached, a break begins.

  • Game time limit

    Online casinos fülisten häOften a realityäts check and remind you Player to the duration of the current session. AddäIn addition, the player can determine, how much can be played per day. When the time is reached, a break must be taken.

  • ÜTransfer of Profits

    The player can specify that his real money winnings when playing $om a certain amount will be paid out automatically and thus no longer für Eqügame to Authorüstand up. In this way, losses can be limitedäthank.

  • Player suspension

    The player blocks his account in the online casino. This measure can be timed confänkt or permanent. A new registration is then no longer possibleöresembled.

How do you recognize gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction includes compulsive and persistent gambling behavior with negative consequences, with the following symptoms können:

  • The thoughts are damnedäbecome hä$equently and strongly with your own game. The player plans the Glügame, üthinks about winning strategies, relives gaming experiences, plans the fundraising and presents itself zuküfuture gaming experiences.
  • The player can add the momentum to EqüDo not control play. To the positive FoundüKeeping up the joyful state of play while playing is permanent Increase the oneätze nötig.
  • The player cannot restrict the game behavioräor turn it off, even if the there is an inner desire to do so.
  • There is restlessness, nervousnessät or aggressivenessät on when the player is not playing or only in restrictedäcan play to a limited extent.
  • Playing is used to make things easier and to solve problemsösolution or displacementängt real problems in the life of the player.
  • An attempt is made to compensate for losses suffered by continued gaming or höhere oneäto compensate.
  • The player denies EqüGame itself or game $equency, oneäcredit or debts againstüabout others.
  • Money problems arise. Nevertheless, the player continues to play, borrows money or worries it is done in other ways, including illegal ones.
  • The player suffers $om the consequences of gambling addiction. Loss of propertyögenes and possessions, Workplace and partnership köcan be the result.

Gambling addiction: self-test

Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no" to get a startäuse of your own Winning game behavior:

  1. Have your oneätze at Eqügame receivedöht or do you increasingly play around höhere reäge?
  2. Füfeel restless, nervousöIt's irritable, stressed, or even aggressive when you don't play or try to play less?
  3. Have you already tried to give up or cut back on your game?äand don't have any had success?
  4. ComplaintäOften deal with past game outcomesäng or plan your eqüplay in advance?
  5. Play häOften if you feel bad fühlen or do you consider that your Problems with the game go away?
  6. Have you already tried to reduce your losses by addingäadditional gaming or höhere oneätze balance?
  7. Do you have reüresembled your gambling behavior, the extent of your gambling, your oneätze or Your losses lied once before?
  8. Has your gambling already had an impact on your private life, your job or your social relationships??
  9. Have you für You have already borrowed or otherwise raised money for your game?

If you answer yes, you should think about your gaming behavior. At two up to three answers with yes you are at least happyährdet, problematic gaming behavior to develop. $om four yes answers füyour gaming behavior already hears too much negative Follow and you should definitely seek advice or help.

How can you get blocked in the online casino??

Above we have already mentioned various online casino measures against gambling addiction. A suspension is the most crucial step in restricting your playäthank. Like in the regulären casino also köYou can use a self-lock to prevent you $om going to the game be admitted or the Möopportunity to participate in Eqühave gambling.

Seriöse Internet EqüGame providers inform their players üAbout playing with responsibility and ermöresembled the self-lock without hesitation. Nobody has to befüright to continue playing $om the operator "üto be persuaded. You köso can üYour preferred method of contacting customer service and bring up the issue of the lock. Often there areäadditionally the Möopportunity in one Form to request the ban for a definite or indefinite period.

Where can I get help für get gambling addiction in US?

Have you noticed in your self-test or your gaming experiences that something is problematic for you? Do you show or suspect that you are addicted to gambling?äHearing or gambling addiction, you should not zöhappy to get professional help. There is also advice and offers anonymously and online, so that you do not have any interferenceärespect of your privacyäre befüright müsweet.

We have für US players a selection of online offers, addiction support organizations and Advice centers on the subject of gambling addiction compiled:

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What is gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction is a common problemäuch term für the compulsive or pathological Play, a behavioral stötion or addiction. Affected können the compulsion to GlüDo not resist playing, even if it restricts itänuances of your own Quality of lifeät surrender.

How do you recognize a gambling addiction??

Gambling addiction is associated with various symptoms, including loss of control, compulsive and hä$equent play, increasing the oneätze, Unfäability to restrictänote or to exit as well as denial zählen. An exact recordätreatment of symptoms and the definition of gambling addiction can be found at the top of this page.

What do US online casinos do against problematic gambling?

Internet EqüGame providers remind players on a regular basisässig how long the the current session is already in progress. DarüIn addition, every player has the Möequality, restrict your own game through various limits and measuresäthank. Online casinos offer various notes and information on EqüResponsible gaming on your part.

Can you have yourself blocked in the online casino??

Yes, you can also be excluded $om playing on your own initiative in the online casino möresembled. Either köCan you name a lock in your personalöYou can arrange for a similar profile or contact us confidentially to the customer service, who must comply with your request.

What steps should all players take?

Every player should regulate the scope and extent of their own gameäto question and analyze your own gaming behavior in a self-test. Is there a suspicion problematic gaming behavior, loss of control or EqüGambling addiction, you should so $üh like mölike getting help. This is also anonymous on the Internet möresembled.

Where köCan players get help in US??

At the top of this page we have here several start-up and Advice centers für players compiled in US.

How much play is "normal"?

It läCan't standardize what amount of time or money involved "normal Glücksspiel "or $om when exactly EqüGaming behavior problematic is. At the startäIt depends on the question of what role playing in the own life. If Eqücksspiel and is becoming more and more important up to and including for neglectäeating other things, there is problematic behavior. this is also given when the player tries to solve real problems by playing too confusedäto relieve tension or tension. High stress players in the form of Äfears, depression, guiltühlen or Zwänings are in höherem mass gefährdet.