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The best US craps online casinos 2021


The Craps WüRfelspiel is known $om Las Vegas and the casinos of the USA. In the online casino, craps is attractive to US players because of Real money Chances of winning and the simple craps rules are popularär. Try craps for $ee here and join in our recommendations the best online casinos in US to get acquainted with the Würeal game of dice Win money.

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The top craps casinos für US

The following compilation of online casinos are providers that our Experts after inputäunrestricted testänkt recommend köcan. In the Ücheckühave fungus these casino sites passed in all important points.

4.7 / 5
The best games availableügbar at Casino777
Bonus type: Match bonus
Bonus amount: 777 $
Match share: 100%
Sales conditions: 30x
Period: 30 days

Your first deposit at Casino777 will be doubled. You can receive a maximum of $ 777 as a bonus. Only when the wagering requirements are met will the bonus credit be converted into real money credit and can be paid out. For wagering the bonus, stakes are 100% in slots and 10% in classic games.

$ 777
1-2 days
Payout duration
4.5 / 5
The best games availableügbar with 7 melons
Bonus type: Loyalty points
Bonus amount: 300

The Grand Casino Bern website offers an excellent selection of popular slots as well as blackjack and video poker. There is also a multi-level loyalty program in which you can collect points and unlock more and more benefits.

$ 300
3-5 days
Payout duration
4.2 / 5
The best games availableügbar at jackpots
Bonus type: Match bonus
Bonus amount: 1000 $
Match share: 100%
Sales conditions: 30x
Period: 6 months

At you will receive a 100% match bonus of up to $ 1,000 on your first deposit. Even with the second (50% to max. 500 $), third (50% up to a maximum of 10 $) and fourth (100% up to a maximum of 700 $) deposit you will receive an additional bonus. You have to wager the bonus credit 30 times on slots and 90 times on table spoons before it can be paid out.

$ 1,111
1-3 days
Payout duration
3.4 / 5
The best games availableügbar at Starvegas
Bonus type: Match bonus
Bonus amount: 300 $
Match share: 100%
Sales conditions: 30x
Period: 30 days

At StarVegas you will receive a bonus of after your account verification 30 $ without deposit. If you then make a deposit of at least $ 10, your deposit amount will be doubled up to a maximum of $ 300. You can only withdraw your winnings after fulfilling the wagering requirements.

$ 300
3 to 4 days
Payout duration

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Experienced gambling experts

This is how we determine the best online casinos with craps

With all our recommendations köYou can be sure that we have the following key points für online casinos exactly üchecküft and have rated:

  • Licensing

    First, we determine whether an Internet Eqücksspiel provider also the nöterm Admission für can demonstrate the US market. If the license is available, they are seriousät and fairness ensured in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory authority.

  • Game selection

    You köYou can not only play craps in the online casinos presented by us, but also $om the full range of casino games wäincluding slot machines, Video poker, roulette, blackjack, live casino games and other classic games Table and card games.

  • bonus

    A Casino bonus is ideal for making your first attempts at craps and win real money with bonus credits. We provide für sure bonus The program and campaigns also have fair conditions.

  • safety

    You can rely on the protection of your data and your privacyäre through Security measures such as locküisolation, security certificate and closed systems.

  • Payment options

    Each player has a different preferred method of payment, which is why a good variety of options secure payment methods in the online casino unerläIt is sweet when you do transactions quickly and reliableäwant to make. We inform you üAbout the Möopportunities for Casino banking on US casino sites.

  • Customer service

    Who is available for questions or important concernsändig? This question should be answeredäbe rt, before players register at the online casino. In our field reports therefore read all about customer service and contactöopportunities.

Black list of not recommended CH internet casinos

Because we measure highäBe laid out and tested according to demanding criteria, not everyone can do it Casino page on our top list. Some are even consistently disappointedähushing and pose as dubiousös and unsure why we blacklisted fülisten.

AlpenBetten 1/5
No güvalid license für US
Mighty Slots Casino 1/5
No güvalid license für US
Casino MGA 1/5
Fake games
Wild Vegas 1/5
Withdrawal issues

How does craps work in the online casino?

The Craps Würfelspiel uses two Würfel with which the player sets certain values expüwant to ruffle. You play craps in the online casino as a "shooter" against the bank.

Craps rules of the game: The aim of the game of the Wücraps

The player tries with two or more Würfen the game für to choose. With a total of 7 or 11 points in the first throw, the player wins immediately, otherwise he has to continue in further WüTry to match the sum of the first roll again to reach.

Craps image

So läets a round at the craps table in the online casino:

  • Step 1: oneäset tze

    The player wäkeeps his stake and decides für one of two bets, näwhether the throw succeeds or not. These bets are also called “Pass” and “Don't Pass”.

  • Step 2: Craps gameplay

    After the first throw, the total of the eyes determines the further course. At 7 or 11 points the player wins immediately. This is also called "Natural". In contrast, a "Craps" means a score of 2, 3, or 12 and immediate loss of the round. Otherwise defined the point number of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 is the «point», which it now has with further Würfen again is to be achieved.

  • Step 3: Result & Payout

    The player receivesäIf you win, there is a payout and otherwise the Würfelrunde continued, until the point is hit again. But if the total is 7, he has lost.

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Craps rules of the game: The bets at the craps table

With craps online on casino sites you have the Möwith different types of bets to make the game exciting:

  • passport

    You place the bet before the first round and hope, as a "shooter", to immediately score 7 or win 11 points or hit the point again. The payout reägt üusually 1: 1 with a 49.29% probability of winning and one House edge of 1.41%

  • Don't pass

    You make this bet against your own Würfelglück off and hope to make the rounds too lose. Some rules of the game of craps provide that a "craps" roll on the first roll means undecided. The chance of winning is 49.3% and a bank advantage 1.4% slightly better than the pass bet.

  • Come or don't come

    These bets köYou can come in at any time. You tap on it, the nänext To win litter. FäIf there is no 7 or 11, the number counts as a "come point" and must be repeated to be hit. The “Don't Come” bet is the opposite.

  • Side bets

    There are additional additional bets in craps online that double the basic stake value üclimb dürfen. Depending on the type of game, there are different betting odds für certain points or sums of the eyes.

  • Throw bets and place bets

    You also have the Möchance of a certain sum of the eyes appearing bet, either as a single bet only in the nänext litter or as a "place bet" in $ont of the nänext 7.

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Play craps for $ee

The side bets at the craps table möincreaseäconfusingören, but everything you considered Beginningänger know müIt's easy: the bet on “Don't Pass” is the most promising. Just try the game for $ee! At the top of our page, you have the opportunity, Play casino games for $ee.


Craps variants in the online casino

In the online casino köcan you call häOften play only one variant of craps. The rules of the game of craps then correspond to the above information, but there may be differences in the side bets. ReasonäBut there are also variations of the Wücraps.

  • European 7 11: This type of game comes $om the casino of Monte Carlo and simplifies the rules of the game of craps by eliminating many of the side bets, for example "Come" and "Don't Come" and some "place bets".
  • Card Craps: In principle, the same rules apply here, but that is Score not achieved by Würfel, but brought about by playing cardsühears. For use come aces (as eye value 1) as well as 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The croupier covers in each round two cards up.
  • Live Craps: in the Live casino is on every now and then Find craps table with real croupier. here KöThe players can of courseürlich not even wüto roll. Instead füthe dealer hears all Züge or a W comes outürolling machine to use. The players in the online casino place their bets using the casino software.

Tips and tricks für the craps strategy

The Craps Würfelspiel is a real glücksspiel, in which you find yourself für a bet decide köbut otherwise no influenceöhave the opportunity to see the outcome of the round.

  • Point: In the case of a point round, köEnter yours with an additional bet möimprove equal payout. Take a look at the paytable and decide You according to probability or odds, what für you are eligible.
  • Place bets: The place bets on 6 or 8 have the höclosest probability, which is why there is often only a 1: 1 payout on this type of bet.
  • Single bets: Note that the single bets are only on the nänext throw all have a very high house edge of more than 10% each and thus füare detrimental to the player.
  • Hard way: The player guesses that a number of 4, 6, 8 or 10 will be considered Duplicate is reached, about 4-4, i.e. hard 8. The hard way must come before a 7 and before a Fall soft way. The 6 and 8 have a lower bank edge of 9.1% in comparison to 4 and 10 with 11.1%.
  • Come and Don't Come: These bets can also be matched with Combine side bets to improve the payout.
Casino bankroll management

Remember that previous WüThe results of the craps do not represent a statementüabout to meet, which number as nänext fällt. FüThe same probabilities therefore apply to every throw. A good strategy is to divide the budget sensibly and your own financial $amework not to üclimb. Get out of the game as a winner and leave the table while it is You are in the plus.

Casino bankroll management
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How does craps work online?

In the US online casino köYou can play craps with a random number generator automatically an addäGenerated sum total in each round. You put on an amount one of the möThe same bets and the round is evaluated according to the Craps rules of the game.

Can you play craps for $ee??

Yes, because online casinos in US also offer a play money mode. Leave with it Test yourself casino games like craps and try them without obligation. We also have $ee Casino games compiled at the top of this page that you can play right here in your browser köcan. Do you want real money win, register simply at one of our recommended online casinos $om our top list.

Is there also craps für Mobilgeräte?

Yes, craps online köYou can also use Instant Play in the browser on your mobile phone or Play tablet. Quite a few casino sites also have casino apps that you can use für various Mobilgerädownload te köcan.

Which craps variants are there in the online casino?

Craps online is häOften only found in one variant on casino sites, but can there are differences in the rules of the game of craps. These then mostly concern the side bets. Study the paytable to find out before you start. In some live Casinos can also be found live craps.

Can you play craps online with a bonus??

Yes, your casino bonus with $ee credit is also suitable for für oneäPlay craps online. Not all casino sites allow bonus credits on all casino games, but recommend them we only online casinos with fair bonus conditions.

What is the difference between online craps and casino craps?

In the casino, the players compete against the bank or the croupier and throw real Wüdice on the craps table. In the online casino there is a random generator for use, which is a ZufäGenerous pair of eyes. Otherwise köDifferent rules may apply.

Where can you find the best online casinos für craps?

We advise you to have one seriöse and trustworthyüearthy casino site to wählen. Use our top list to draw on the expertise of experienced casinos Leaving player.