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Casino Konstanz on the US border

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The Casino Konstanz
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If you have casinos in the NäIf you are looking for US, we recommend Casino Konstanz on the German side of Lake Constance. An exciting range of games and delicious dishes await you here in the restaurant as well as drinks in the bar or the TwentyOne lounge. And experience all of this You in beautifulöner location with a terrace and a wide view of Lake Constance. additional Information about the offer can be found in our following casino report.

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Games offered by Casino Konstanz

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  • roulette


    The big game is represented at Casino Konstanz with American Roulette. Hereür are 6 Game tables with limits $om 2 € availügbar. You also have the Möopportunity, on one Participate in a roulette seminar. Report to thisür by phone at least 14 days in advance or by email to. This includes a sparkling wine forüssung, entry, an explanationätion about the history of the game as well as the rules and ÜPractice games with fun tokens.

  • Blackjack


    Blackjack köYou can play at 2 tables. These are respectively $om 17.Midnight manned by croupiers. The minimum bet is 5 €. Maximum köcan You 1'000 € place. There is also Blazing777 Progressive, an additional jackpot bet, with the high jackpot winnings möare equal.

  • poker


    The Konstanz casino offers you cash games with Texas Hold'em No Limit at 5 tables. Depending on the table, the buy-in is between 100 and 250 €. You can also find a ülush foundüll tournament program. In-house tournaments take place several days a week. A reservation hereür köYou can do this by phone.

  • Slot machines

    Slot machines

    There are 119 slot machines with oneä$om 0.01 €. A separate slot machine casino is located in the Nähey of the train station. The Casino Konstanz has Walzengeräte, Video slots as well as electronic roulette, Video poker, Keno, bingo and jackpot slots on offer. If you are already at the casino were at Lake Constance and paid admission, this will be charged to you in the slot machine casino.

Age, dress code and entrance fees

A minimum age of 21 years and identification is required in Constance. Accepted documents and international Pässe. Of the Entry costs 3 €. The dress code stipulates clothing appropriate to the occasion. Ladies should be dressed in a blazer, dress or otherwise neatly. Gentlemen should be on Pay attention to long trousers, shirt and jacket. In case of doubt, you can ask at the cloakroom Jacket can be borrowed.

Gastronomy and events

FüThe restaurant Villagio takes care of the physical well-being. In luxuriousöthis ambience köCan you name an Italian specialty hereäenjoy. There is also a bistro bar and the lounge TwentyOne, which offers you excellent cocktails, long drinks and non-alcoholic drinksänken useöhnt. In contrast to the Villagio, the üabout one separate entrance availableügt, the TwentyOne is located inside the casino. Therefore, access is permitted $om the age of 18.

The calendar of events at Casino Konstanz containsäLots of exciting poker tournaments. There are also various gift packages available, depending on the versionüleadership Limüssungsgetränke, Eqücksjetons, dinner menüs in the Villagio and other drinksänke contain. Information köYou can inquire by phone, e-mail and also at the reception.

ÖOpening times, address and arrival

  • Öopening times

    Casino Konstanz is open most days of the yearöopens. On some Germans Public holidays such as Good $iday, All Saints Day, Repentance and Prayer Day, Dead Sunday, Christmas Eve and However, on Christmas Day, the casino will be closed. The exact data can be found on the casino's website.

    • Slot machine games and roulette

      • $iday, Saturday and certain event days $om 14th.00 to 3.00 o'clock
      • Sunday to Thursday $om 14th.00 to 2.00 o'clock
    • Blackjack

      • $iday and Saturday $om 17th.00 to 2.30 o'clock
      • Sunday to Thursday $om 17th.00 to 1.30 o'clock
    • poker

      • Tuesday $om 19th.30 to 1.30 o'clock
      • $iday and Saturday $om 19th.30 to 2.30 o'clock
      • Sunday $om 16.30 to 1.30 o'clock
    • Villagio restaurant

      • At schönem weather täresembled on the terrace of 11th.30 to 13.00 o'clock
      • In bad weather Tuesday to Sunday $om 11th.30 to 14.30 p.m. and 5 p.m.30 to 23.00 o'clock
  • Directions

    The journey by car fühears üVia the A7. Ücross the border to the left bank of the Rhine Part of Konstanz and follow the German federal road 33 to the roundabout. To take Take the third exit and follow the B33 for about 2 kilometers. Turn right on that Altmannstrasse, at the end of which turn right again and immediately left again. The Casino Konstanz is located directly on the shore of Lake Constance.

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Is there a dress code at Casino Konstanz?

Yes there is. There is a somewhat upscale, but not overly conservative dress code. However, men should wear long trousers, closed shoes and a jacket. The latter can in the case of the Fäll be borrowed $om the casino. If necessary, speak when entering one of the employees on it. Ladies are with pants suit, dress or äSimilar to the occasion appropriate outfits well dressed.

Can I play with US $ancs at Casino Konstanz??

no. The casino uses as a SpielwäEuro. However, if you are against money Exchange tokens möright, köYou can do this conveniently without cash by bank card or Credit card do. At the ticket counters you have the Möopportunity, tokens in this way to obtain. Questions about this köYou can also call the floor manager or employee upon admission respond.

Do I have to pay taxes on winnings in German casinos??

Yes. Although an EqüGame winnings of up to one million $ancs with a US Provider is tax-$ee, this looks at a profit at foreignäIndian providers or Casinos look different. According to the new EqüGame Act of 1. January 2019 müsweet profits $om foreignäIndian casino games are taxed in US. Details on this can Your tax advisor will give you.

What games are there at Casino Konstanz?

In addition to a good bestüvending machine area with far üThere are a total of 13 over 100 slots Gaming tables für classic casino games. 6 of them are tables für American Roulette, 5 für poker and 2 für Blackjack reserved. The slot machines also have electronic ones Roulette, video poker, bingo and keno as well as jackpot slots. Addäthere is actually in Bahnhofsnähe still has a specialized slot machine casino where the possibly im Casino entry paid will be charged.

Is there a dining roomöopportunity at Casino Konstanz?

Yes. Directly in the house is the Villagio, which offers you Italian Küche served. Because it üHas its own separate entranceügt, köYou can also do this independentlyängig $om Minimum age für the casino entry with minorsätheir food. DarüIn addition there are in the casino itself there is also the TwentyOne, a lounge bar with cocktails, long drinks and further drinksäspecialtyäth.