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The Casino Barrière Courrendlin in US

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The Casino Barri & egrave; re Courrendlin
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The Casino Barrière Courrendlin is located in the canton of Jura. The idyllic Städtchen offers one grandiose backdrop für your casino visit. You köcan start here üOver 100 machines and more play as 10 tables. A bar and a steak house take care of the für your physical well-being. Experienced Here you can find out what else the casino in Courrendlin has to offerür you in petto häaccording to.

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Casino Barri's range of gamesère Courrendlin

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  • roulette


    The Casino Barrière Courrendlin offers you a table für English and $anzösic roulette. In the first variant, the number of players at the table is up seven decränkt. Also köCall English Roulette on 3 electronic ones Play terminals. You can place your bets conveniently using the touchscreen. Random software determines a different speed of the ball and the rotation of the Boiler.

  • Blackjack


    Blackjack köYou can play at 2 tables in this casino. The traditional card game is yours to regulären ÖOpening times availableüsupply. The goal here is, näthan the dealer could get to the value 21 without giving that number üexceed.

  • poker


    You köat the Casino Barrière poker in the form of texas hold'em, 3 card poker and Ultimate Poker at one table each. In addition, there are always poker tournaments instead of. The easiest way is to get üInformation on the casino's Facebook page üAbout current poker events.

  • Punto Banco

    Punto Banco

    Punto Banco, a direct variant of the classic Baccarat, köYou can also use the Play Courrendlin Casino. This is traditionally a game of highs oneätzen, but also as anänger köYou can have exciting entertainment enjoy. Instead of playing directly against other players or the bank, you bet at Punto Banco on whether the dealer or the respective player whose turn it is, näget to the value 9 comes up.

  • Sic Bo

    Sic Bo

    The popular WüThe game of dice that is particularly popular in Macau casinos delighted, stands by you in the barrière casino available at a tableüsupply. The profit- and payout probabilities are conveniently directly on the playing field imprinted. Assistance regardingüwas like the rules of the game köyou can, depending on Ask the number of visitors, but also the staff.

  • Boules


    Boule is a reduced, simplified version of $anzösic roulette. you bet on only one of 9 numbers instead of 37. All numbers can also be found twice on the boiler and the 5 takes on the function of zero. Thanks to the relatively simple Concept läthe game also für beginners learn quickly.

  • Was


    A slightly more unusual option in the Casino Barri offerère Courrendlin is that Card game War. The point is to find a werthöhere card than the dealer. Ends the first round in a tie, the player waiving the Hälfte his Bet, or another bet in the same Höhey put to one crucial second round to play. Für this simple but very entertaining A table is available for playing cardsüsupply.

  • Slot machines

    Slot machines

    At the Casino Barrière in Courrendlin köYou can play a total of 119 slot machines to play. Of these, about 80 are regularlyässig exchanged or updated. Below are classic $üreal slots, as well as multi-screen machines and multi-bet slots. Besides that there are 9 video poker machines. A mystery jackpot, the Jurapot, can be found at various slots accälootedöst be.

Minimum age, entry and dress code

To at Casino Barrière Courrendlin play to können, müBe at least 18 Be years old. To prove this, simply present your US ID or one upon entry Güvalid passport. Have you already played there, köYou can also use the Loyalty Card of «Le Carré VIP» show. Entry to the casino is $ee.

The dress code isn't too strict here. A rule of thumb neat outfit. $om very casual leisurewear like äsleeveless shirts, shorts Pants, beach clothes and äHowever, you should foresee something similar.

Gastronomy and events

The Bar du Casino is located in the middle of the slot machine area and is wäduring the regulären Öopening times für you avügbar. There köcall you wine, Cocktails and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinksäenjoy nke, wäwhile you follow the game. Also köHere you can enjoy smaller dishes and snacks to take.

In the casino's restaurant, the steak house «Le 12», köOn the other hand, you can be upscale Food. Even then, this is mösame when you are not playing in the casino. The entry is here also Minderjärelatives allowed. The restaurant is closed on Mondays. Tuesdays and On Saturdays, however, it is only in the evening between 18.00 and 22.30 o'clock geöopens. To the üOn other days there are regular lunchtimes and eveningsären service with a A break in the afternoon.

There are also occasional events in the Casino Courrendlin. The most recent You can usually find information about this on the casino's Facebook page. Here you will even üInformed about special raffles.

ÖOpening times, address and directions

  • Öopening times

    The Casino Barrière Courrendlin is täsame geöopens. On public holidays, the Rule the Öopening times für $iday and Saturday.

    • General Öopening times

      • $iday and Saturday $om 10.00 to 4.00 o'clock
      • Sunday to Thursday $om 10.00 to 3.00 o'clock
    • Bar you casino

      • $iday, Saturday and before public holidays $om 10.00 to 4.00 o'clock
      • Sunday to Thursday $om 10.00 to 3.00 o'clock
    • Steakhouse Le 12

      • Tuesday and Saturday $om 18th.00 to 22.30 o'clock
      • Wednesday, Thursday and $iday $om 11th.45 to 14.00 o'clock and $om 18th.00 to 22.30 o'clock
      • Sundays $om 11th.45 to 14.00 O'clock and $om 17th.30 to 21.30 o'clock
      • closed on Monday
  • contact details

  • Directions

    You can get there by car üVia the A16 to Courrendlin. Take exit 11 Delémont-Est in the direction of Basel / Bâle / Courrendlin. At the end of the exit is a roundabout. There you take the third exit and follow Route 6 for about 1 kilometer. she meet another roundabout where you take the first exit. After about 150 meters turn right and you are at the casino. When arriving by train, the transfer is suitable by taxi or bus, as the train station is about 5 kilometers $om the casino.

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How many slot machines are there in the Barrière Courrendlin?

There are currently a total of 119 slot machines in the casino in Courrendlin's range of games. Of these, 80 are regularlyässigen abstäalways exchanged something in order to attract visitors To offer something new. There are also 9 video poker slots. There are also 3 electronic ones Roulette terminals.

When öopen the table games of the Casino Barrière Courrendlin?

The table games are usually related to the regulären ÖCasino opening hours Courrendlin availableüsupply. It häbut sometimes also depends on the number of visitors, whether several tables can be occupied at the same time. You köYou can therefore do so in advance on the day of your visit ask by phone to find out more.

There is a restaurant available in the Casino Courrendlinüsupply?

Yes, the steakhouse "Le 12" is located directly at the Casino Courrendlin, but you can also get it through one separate entrance can be entered. Therefore, both as a casino visitor and in Accompanied minors dine there. The steak house has lunch and later again Open in the evening.

What is the dress code at Casino Barrière Courrendlin?

The dress code at Casino Barrière Courrendlin are basicäreally right casual. It is important that you pay attention to a well-groomed appearance and to overly $eeürenounce regular clothing. So avoid shorts, äsleeveless t-shirts or worn clothes.

There is a parking lot at the Casino Courrendlin?

Yes, right at the Casino Barrière Courrendlin köYou can park for $ee. However is the number of parking spacesälimited. More parkingöopportunities are also on the nearby Rue du Stand.