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The Grand Casino Basel in US

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The Casino Basel
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The Grand Casino in Basel offers you a unique casino experience with hundreds of slot machines, more than 15 gaming tables, a restaurant, a bar and separate smoking areas. We give you im The following is all the information at hand so that you can für your nänext visit prepared are.

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Games offered by the Grand Casino Basel

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  • roulette


    The Königin among the casino games köYou can play at 8 tables. Tämatched 14th.00 o'clock köYou can experience the variant American Roulette. The oneätze start at 5 $ancs. Some of the tables also have a minimum stake of $ 10. AddäFinally you have the Möpossibility of electronic multi-roulette on more than 30 Terminals to play. Some pläThe slots of the multi-roulette are in the separate Smoking area.

  • Blackjack


    FüThere are 5 blackjack tables available for card game fans. Depending on the table, they are Minimum oneärates at 5 or 10 $ancs. If you have never played blackjack at the casino have then köcan you call täequaled $om 18.30 a.müeasy-to-useüleadership obtain.

  • poker


    Poker $iends köcan have fun at Ultimate Texas Hold'emügen stürzen. The minimum bet on a total of 3 tables is $ 5 für ante and blind. she köThere are also some video poker machines among the slot machinesäte find the one simplified poker variant availableüand a faster game ermöresembled.

  • Jackpots


    The Basel Grand Casino offers various jackpots. For one, there are 10 slot machines, that are connected to the US Jackpot. Geräte in the casinos in Bern, Baden, Lugano, St. Gallen, Zürich and Lucerne are also linked to this jackpotüpft. With some Eqück köYou can crack it with the minimum bet.

    There are also various slot machine games in the Grand Casino that have a progressive Jackpot fükill. Here müwith the given Höplay chess and score a certain combination of symbols to win it. The current status of the Jackpots are shown on various displays in the casino.

    The third in the league is a multi-level jackpot. Some of them are also special marked Geräte connected. Here a random generator decides when and in which Höhey näbetween level 1 and 5, it is paid out.

  • Slot machines

    Slot machines

    The slot machine area of ​​the Grand Casino Basel is well equipped. You have the Spoiled for choice üOver 300 slot machines. In addition to video and multi game slots there are also classic roller machines. The minimum bet hädepends on the concrete Slot machines, but starts at just 1 centime. To the slot machines zäthinks that Casino also includes video poker and electronic roulette.

Minimum age, entry and dress code

As in the rest of the US Confederation, a Minimum age of 18 years für participation in Eqüplaying. As güvalid Identification documents are Pässe, Identitäcards, US Auslächange IDs and FüID cards accepted.

Although the Grand Casino offers a noble ambience, there is still no strict one Dress code, such as evening wear. Gentlemen köSo wear a tie and jacket waive. It basically appliesäreally, on a well-groomed Äother things to watch out for. That means, in summer köYou can even wear shorts and matching sandals for as long it is not sportswear.

You should re$ain $om wearing worn or dirty clothes and outerwear provocative labels, flip-flops, headgear of all kinds, sunglasses and Tank tops für gentlemen.

Gastronomy and events

The Grand Casino in Basel availügt üAbout a restaurant, a bar and a dancing Lounge. In the restaurant köYou can choose $om an extensive range of dishes and drinksänke card wählen. Also köcan you call täequaled between 10.00 o'clock and 10.30 o'clock get $ee coffee and croissants to für the game to stärken. The bar in elegant white decor can be found directly at the play area, so that you can also do one Re$eshment to continue following the game köcan.

In the event noäumen and the Dancing Lounge usually also take place in concerts and parties take place. There are also women and MäMen evenings, Asia Nights or exclusive Füintroductions through the casino. The offers and the event calendar are online on the website of the Grand Casino Basel, where you can find a Üoverview üover all view upcoming events and promotions köcan.

ÖOpening times, address and directions

  • Öopening times

    The Grand Casino Basel has täresembled für you geöopens. Only on, respectively Before, holidays apply special ÖOpening times indicated on the website.

    • General ÖOpening hours and slot machines

      • Sunday to Thursday $om 10.00 to 3.00 o'clock
      • $iday and Saturday $om 10.00 to 5.00 o'clock
    • Table games

      • Sunday to Thursday $om 14th.00 to 3.00 o'clock
      • $iday and Saturday $om 14th.00 to 5.00 o'clock
    • restaurant

      • Sunday to Thursday $om 12th.00 to 23.00 o'clock
      • $iday and Saturday $om 12th.00 to 5.00 o'clock
    • Player classäfights for roulette and blackjack

      • Tämatched 18th.30 o'clock
  • Directions

    The Grand Casino is practically halfway between Basel city center and the airport. $om direction ZüIf you come $om here, take the A3 to exit 2 Basel - EuroAirport. At the end of the exit, turn left and take the second exit on Roundabout. The casino is on the right. You can take the bus $om Basel train station within 10 to 15 minutes to the casino. With the line 50 $om edge B köName all 8 Minutes to $iedrich-Miescher-Strasse. The stop is only about 100 meters $om the Casino removed.

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Is there a dress code in the Grand Casino Basel?

Yes, the Grand Casino in Basel has a mandatory dress code, even if it isn't is too strict. It is only important that your outfit is neat and not too casual. Shirts With provocative labels, sunglasses, headgear and flip-flops are therefore not appropriate. More detailed information on this köIf in doubt, call the casino or ask by email.

How can you win one of the jackpots at the Grand Casino Basel?

The US Jackpot in the Grand Casino Basel is addedäcompletely excludedükills. However, he can can be won with the minimum stake. The progressive jackpot within the Grand Casinos requires the Höand a certain combination of symbols to get cracked will. The multi-level jackpot is based on a random generator. So the payout can at any timeäNgig happened $om the mission. The cutükilling is also accällig and is divided into levels $om 1 to 5.

There is a restaurant available in the Casino Courrendlinüsupply?

Yes, the steakhouse "Le 12" is located directly at the Casino Courrendlin, but you can also get it through one separate entrance can be entered. Therefore, both as a casino visitor and in Accompanied minors dine there. The steak house has lunch and later again Open in the evening.

At what time öThe table games open in the casino in Basel?

You können in the casino in Basel täequaled $om 14.Play at the tables at midnight. the Croupiers are available during the week and on Sundays until 3.00 o'clock ready. $idays and Saturdays köCan you call something läplay longer, up to 5.00 o'clock.

How many slot machine games does the Grand Casino in Basel offer?

The slot machines in the Grand Casino Basel currently add up üover 300. she spread out üAcross the entire casino and there are also some separate smoking areas with slot machines. In addition there are the electronic roulette stations, which are also partially in the Smoking area availüare possible.

There is foodöopportunities in the Grand Casino Basel?

Yes, the Grand Casino Basel also offers gastronomy. There's a restaurant, the one extensive menu and a good drinkähas nkekarte. This is tämatched 12th.00 a.m. to spätabends geöopens. Also köCall in the morning between 10.00 and 10.Enjoy $ee coffee and croissants at 30.00. In addition, köYou can call numerous DrinkäOrder nke in the bar next to the play area.